Connect and Engage With Millions of Consumers Worldwide at the Largest Global Events

The world’s largest international football event is the next biggest and most anticipated sporting event in the sights of fans across the globe. This tournament is attended, watched, and followed by millions of consumers worldwide, every four years.

fans in a large sports stadium

Sponsored by some of the largest brands looking to capitalize on this massive global football fan following through global event marketing. This event provides them with a unique opportunity to connect and engage with customers and fans who are either attending the tournament in person or watching from their home country.

The global visibility of a massive event such as this gives companies an amazing forum by which they can engage seamlessly and effectively with millions of fans from around the world across their favorite messaging apps and social channels. This event also underscores some of the key benefits customers and sponsors alike need from our Syniverse Hyperscale Communications Platform—the only CPaaS offering with the power to reach customers on their preferred channels and language with everything from live match updates, schedules, results, contests, exciting promotions, flight and hotel updates and so much more.

The power of global event marketing simply can’t be ignored for a multitude of reasons:

90% of phones are reachable via SMS with massive engagement and open rates

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular messaging platform with more than 2 billion users worldwide utilizing rich communication via text, images, videos, etc.

With Syniverse Travel SIM, anyone traveling to an event of this magnitude will be relying on data of all sorts, wishing to stay connected with family and friends, and share information on social media, in addition to score updates, schedules and so much more!

Syniverse is helping its customers plan for continuous engagement with their audiences throughout this event through our CPaaS solution, so reach out to our experts today to stay in the loop and become the hero in your customers’ story!

With more than 23 years of telecom experience, in his role as Solution Engineering Lead at Syniverse, Rajesh offers vast knowledge on both the operator and enterprise side of the business to customers across the world. With a deep understanding of different market scenarios and customer behaviors, as well as country regulations for communications, Rajesh is pleased to share his knowledge and develop new ideas as a trusted resource for use cases that help enterprises target customers at the right time and right place using the right communication channels.



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