Keeping Our Focus on Creating Superb Mobile Experiences in 2020

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Bridge Alliance CXO Forum, a one-day conference in Singapore that brings together some of the technology industry’s top leaders, innovators, and analysts to discuss strategy and understand the newest industry trends. There I had a chance to address a topic that has been one of the most important areas of concentration for Syniverse since our brand relaunch last year, digital transformation, and an area that will significantly inform our vision in 2020 – to create and empower superb mobile experiences.

Specifically, at Syniverse, we think the single greatest challenge today for communication service providers like mobile operators is understanding their role in an age of massive digital transformation. Importantly, each one of these providers’ customers is undergoing transformation, powered in large part by mobile experiences.

We see this transformation as falling into four areas: customer experience, operational efficiency, agility and risk management. Every company, since the beginning of time, has had to contend with these four areas of business, but with the surging innovation and capability of mobile technology, this transformation is increasingly being defined by mobile experiences. This is why our company has turned its focus to this digital transformation and based our vision on it – to create and empower superb mobile experiences that relate to the needs of this transformation.

At the CXO Forum, I had an opportunity to speak about this vision during a conversation with the CEO of the Bridge Alliance, Ong Geok Chwee, and I invite you to view a few minutes of it here.

As we move to 2020, I look forward to seeing how the newest challenges in customer experience, operational efficiency, agility, and risk management will unfold, and the ways that Syniverse will play a part in creating and empowering the mobile experiences that define them. I hope you’ll stay tuned for more updates by me on this right here on the Syniverse Blog.



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