Video Panel, Part 2: How Businesses Will Adopt 5G

In this second installment from a special 5G video panel featuring Syniverse, Samsung, and the GSMA, we explore how businesses will begin to make use of 5G and how this will impact 5G adoption.

Joining me to provide perspective on these issue are two of the mobile industry’s leading lights on 5G: Howard Benn, Ph.D., Head of Standards and Industrial Affairs at Samsung Electronics Research Institute, and David Hutton, Head of Networks for the GSMA. I invite you to listen to listen to their insights along with my closing remarks for the session below.

As we’ve shared before at Syniverse, with the rapid digital transformation continuing to ripple across all industries today, a business is only as strong as its connections. We are right alongside our customers in helping them make these connections through 5G, and in helping them reach and engage their audiences in new ways.



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