Understanding 5G and New Mobile Revenue Opportunities for 2018

I recently returned from one of our industry’s biggest events of the year, and following all the customer meetings and technology unveilings I experienced there, I’ve become totally re-energized about what’s shaping up to be a great year for Syniverse and our customers in the mobile space this year.

One of the themes I continue to come across is that in our age of rapid digital transformation, a business is only as strong as its connections. Part of this digital transformation involves operational efficiency, and at Mobile World Congress we had the opportunity to work on this with our customers, who are looking to Syniverse to help them drive down their operating costs.

I recently took a few minutes to share some perspectives on these themes, which you can check out in the video below. Two themes in particular that I see are, how can companies work with Syniverse to prepare for one of the most important new mobile technologies that’s taking off this year – 5G – and how can Syniverse help companies better engage with customers and open new mobile revenue opportunities. They’re areas that Syniverse will be closely involved in. Please take a look at the video to hear more.



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