5G: Where Are We Now?

You may soon start hearing a lot more about 5G, or the fifth generation of wireless technology. This technology has rapidly been gaining momentum this year and will soon pave the way for a new world of mobile applications.

I recently was asked about my thoughts on some of these applications, and I talked about what’s next for 5G, what 5G’s most important attributes are, and what new use cases 5G will enable. I invite you to check out my responses in the video here.

As Senior Strategy Director and Head of Industry Standards at Syniverse, Pradeep Bhardwaj serves as a senior technology adviser overseeing strategic initiatives to advance the adoption of leading-edge technologies and standards, such as 5G, the internet of things, mobile edge computing, LTE, and VoLTE. Pradeep joined Syniverse in 2005 and has built a career that encompasses more than 26 years of experience with mobile operators and telecommunication companies in the areas of GSM, fixed-line, international, wholesale, international roaming, messaging, signaling, satellite, data, and IP communications. Pradeep’s emphasis is on technology strategy, industry standards, systems engineering, and architecture. Among the leadership roles he has held in the industry, he served as the chairman of the GSMA Hubbing Provider Interworking Group from its inception to its end. He may be reached at pradeep.bhardwaj@syniverse.com.



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