Scandinavian Airlines Uses Mobile to Build Lifestyle Travel Brand

Today’s digital transformation continues to disrupt business at an almost ever-increasing rate, and one area that has been particularly affected is travel. Today’s travelers rely more and more on a range of mobile, online, and social media channels, provide a wealth of data on travel patterns through their digital use, and want their favorite brands to engage them by different digital channels throughout the travel process. With this expectation, travel companies must be prepared with a full-scale strategy to connect with consumers through the right channels in the right ways when it comes to their digital interactions.

In a new interview by and Syniverse, below, the Executive Vice President of Marketing for Scandinavian Airlines, Annelie Nässén, sheds light on this by explaining some of the latest ways in which mobile has been opening new opportunities for the travel industry and what her airline has done to keep up. In particular, Scandinavian Airlines draws on the distinctive strengths of a range of mobile channels as a holistic strategy to drive a community of frequent travelers. Please take a look.

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