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Fraud Protection Overview

Flexible and comprehensive revenue protection

Syniverse believes in a comprehensive approach to preventing fraud. We support an extensive portfolio of fraud solutions that provide a modular suite of elements. The suite delivers domestic and international revenue protection for both fixed and mobile network operators as well as for mobile virtual network operators.

We are proud of our pioneering cloud-based approach to fraud management, but we also have an established track record with turnkey deployments.

Cost-effective, future-proof revenue protection

  • Our approach integrates domestic, international, retail and wholesale processes into a single architecture, with a particular focus on data management, analytics and case management tools.
  • Our services embrace a range of additional revenue protection, including premium number reporting, International Revenue Share Fraud (IRSF) and database services.
  • Fraud Management detects potential mobile fraud quickly and efficiently, using advanced and sophisticated analysis technology in combination with high-speed processing of event data records.


Fraud Management in the Cloud

Fraud Management in the Cloud

View a simulation of how Syniverse’s centralized global fraud intelligence has helped 100+ customers reduce the threat of fraud and revenue leakage.

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