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Network Signaling and Transport

MVNO Services Diagram
MVNO Services Diagram

Reliable and Efficient Signaling Solutions. . .

Offering a dependable signaling solution is critical to your network’s operation. Signaling plays a significant role in a number of mobile services, with roaming and subscriber authentication just a couple.

To help mobile operators and MVNOs achieve the highest level of quality possible with their signaling, Syniverse’s Network Signaling and Transport solutions have been designed to maintain optimal network integrity and performance, helping operators maximize revenues and lower operational costs while increasing subscriber satisfaction.

Developing a network of connected signaling networks can be both costly to develop and maintain, in addition to requiring an advanced level of knowledge and expertise. A key benefit of Syniverse’s Network Signaling and Transport solutions is that, through a single connection to Syniverse’s hosted SS7 signaling network, operators can realize operational efficiency without incurring the excessive operating and network costs associated with connecting to multiple signaling networks.

Reach your roaming partners anywhere. . .

We know that providing your customers with the most extensive roaming reach is critical to your business. No matter if your network supports ANSI-41, GSM MAP, AAA, Diameter signaling or a combination of these, Syniverse can deliver. Our expertise extends from SS7-based ANSI-41 and GSM MAP technologies, to IP-based CRX, GRX and IPX networks, to Wi-Fi services. Whether it’s network monitoring or network management, our services help you ensure that your roaming subscribers have the highest-quality experience.

We also help you extend your reach and coverage with roaming hubs and value-added services. We serve some of the world’s largest mobile operators across all signaling and network technologies, and we’re committed to leading the way with the next generation of LTE services for data roaming, VoLTE, and ViLTE roaming and interconnection.

Ensuring that the world’s complex mobile networks interoperate seamlessly has been our business since the beginning of the mobile industry. Our extensive list of services includes the following:

  • Advanced IPX and GRX solutions
  • Signaling transport, interoperability and interstandard services for ANSI-41, GSM MAP, ISUP, Diameter and AAA
  • Roaming hubs and value-added services (VAS) such as steering of roaming and welcome SMS messages


Signaling Transport for GSM

Signaling Transport for GSM

Offers best-in-class interoperability and signaling translation services to create seamless international roaming between North America and the rest of the world.

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MVNO Services

MVNO Cloud Services

Gain a competitive edge by delivering charging, settlement and messaging services with network access and control, supplying a distinctive combination of services on a par with those of MNOs.

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