Messaging monetization

Solution Overview

Our solution gives communications providers the tools to properly block, rate, bill, and collect on all traffic. It uses advanced grey-route detection tools to stop unwanted messages. And it uses the most comprehensive clearing and settlement platform on the market to invoice partners.

Messaging Clarity in action:
For communications providers

Messaging Clarity is the best tool available for giving you complete control over messaging traffic.

Using our grey-route detection tools, you’ll identify unwanted messages running on your network, so you can properly bill or block them. Safeguard your subscribers in real-time.

When partners send business text messages through your network, our world-renowned clearing and settlement service can ensure it’s rated, billed and charged for properly. The service automatically generates and distributes invoices, so you collect revenue with speed and ease.

And it doesn’t stop there. Messaging Clarity uses future-proof technology that’s ready to clear and settle messaging traffic for Rich Communication Services (RCS).