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Ironclad security: How we're safeguarding connectivity in an IoT world
Ironclad security: How we're safeguarding connectivity in an IoT world search
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Ironclad security: How we're safeguarding connectivity in an IoT world

The internet of things (IoT) is evolving at lightning speed, and connections between devices, people and things are presenting opportunities we’ve never seen before. A paradigm shift in the way we transfer information is coming — but the public internet is not prepared to handle it securely. We’ve developed the tools to mitigate these risks and pave the way for secure IoT connectivity.

A Glimpse into the Future

Imagine a world of once unimaginable possibilities. A surgeon in another part of the world performs surgery on a patient digitally and precisely. A smart city improves the flow of traffic through intelligent sensors. A fully connected home proactively alerts homeowners of a looming issue — before they have to call a professional. These scenarios are fast becoming a reality — unleashing the transfer of IoT data at levels we’ve never seen before.

As the promise of extreme connectivity begins to transform the world, we have to look closer at securing connections between the cloud and our devices. This data will become the new currency that fuels our economic engine and drives innovation. A new generation of automated systems will transmit critical information among each other. And people around the world will look to the companies of the future to make it all work, seamlessly and securely.

The Connectivity of Today

So how should we start to prepare now? What risks does the rapid advancement of IoT pose? How do we secure connectivity and communication among billions of devices that can transmit data instantaneously? To answer these questions, let’s first look at how we connect today.

The public internet transmits billions of transactions every day. In one second, 60,000 gigabytes of data are processed, 69,000 Google searches are performed, and 2.7 million emails are sent. The internet has been a vehicle of innovation and connectivity for decades, but its reach, simplicity, and openness have also made it weak. Distributed denial of service (DDoS), malware, and ransomware attacks plague businesses in all industries, creating an open door for intruders to access highly sensitive information.

As a result, we’ve seen a clear pattern emerge with cyberattacks and security breaches, and it has everything to do with the public internet’s open access. The movement of highly sensitive data is channeled through weak systems that provide little protection from threats. Think of it as an open invitation for hackers to intercept your company’s most valuable asset — your data.

It’s a miracle that the public internet has brought us this far, but now it’s time for pivotal change.

Right Turn Toward a Secure IoT World

To properly secure IoT connectivity, we need to use the architecture of a global network, isolated from the public internet. Picture a members-only model that identifies all devices, people, and things before allowing any network access. With security down to the device level, businesses around the world can navigate the IoT ecosystem with new peace of mind.

The good news is this next-generation technology is here today. Released earlier this year, Syniverse Secure Global Access provides a truly private, isolated, and members-only network that eliminates the vulnerabilities of the public internet. Built with iron-clad security in mind, the service supports large volumes of high-speed, low-latency transactions that IoT demands going forward.

Companies implementing new and innovative IoT ideas need the ability to move data and services privately and securely, and Syniverse Secure Global Access arms you with the power to do just that.

A Smarter Tomorrow

We’re witnessing one of the most exciting times in technological innovation. IoT connectivity will allow businesses to unleash a new world of innovations. A world where intelligent data and machine learning drives better business decision-making, and where smarter “things” will change our lives for the better. But first we have to lay the foundation for secure global connectivity.

Don’t ignore the endless possibilities of IoT— or the need to embrace them securely.

John Wick, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Syniverse

Syniverse has a history of securely supporting the volumes of high-speed, low-latency transactions that IoT will demand going forward.