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Clearing and Settlement Services

Diagram: Clearing and Settlement Services

The first choice for the world’s mobile community

Syniverse Clearing and Settlement Services are designed to help mobile operators manage their roaming operations from end to end, from data collection to clearing to cash settlement. Clearing and Settlement Services deliver operational excellence in compliance, data privacy, financial optimization, and connection to the international roaming community, for just a marginal cost of revenue production. It’s the first choice for the world’s mobile community and is used by more than 700 operators in 200 countries, from the largest group in the world to the newest set of emerging players.

We handle all clearing and settlement tasks

Syniverse can help overcome the complexity of successfully running a roaming business, both the data and financial clearing elements, with a comprehensive range of capabilities:

  • Improved cost efficiency and maximum convenience through the selection of an integrated data and financial clearing provider
  • Better decision making through comprehensive reporting
  • Advanced automation that reduces human dependency and error rates
  • Benefits of Syniverse Multilateral Settlement Pool, which provides benefits to payer and receiver alike through reliability and predictability of cash flow , reduction in funding requirements, and reduction in credit risk and exposure
  • Continual compliance with the latest GSM TAP standards, to future-proof clearing and settlement capabilities and your investment in them
  • Protection of your revenues and subscribers through extensive data checking and fraud detection
  • Control over service continuity with global 24/7 team of multilingual experts dedicated to your account.


Financial Clearing House for GSM

Check out how Syniverse has created a more efficient way to clear transactions with Syniverse Financial Clearing Services.

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