Clearing and Settlement for Messaging

In today’s unprecedented times the demand for monetization and efficient solutions is higher than ever. Our customers are seeking improved methods to increase revenue, improve efficiencies, and cashflow optimization combined with reliable, dynamic reporting.

Flexible Messaging Options

When it comes to clearing and settlement for messaging services, there are many moving pieces to consider. For example, you need to identify and eliminate grey route traffic to stop revenue leakage. Furthermore, not all messages carry the same importance; for example, a general marketing message should not cost the same as a one-time passcode for banking access. Once messages are delivered you need to get your funds quickly by allowing your trusted experts to reconcile, to provide flexible invoicing options, bank account management and successful collections.

Syniverse’s Seamless Solution

So how can you meet all these needs while simultaneously growing revenue for your own company? With Syniverse Clearing and Settlement for Messaging. We take care of your end to end messaging and clearing business and make step more efficient and frictionless. Here is how:


One size does not fit all. Each company and each message type are different. That is why we can apply flexible rates based on message type and move away from a standard price.


Stop waiting on your money to come to fruition. Automatically bill messaging partners to get your cash faster.


Reduce confusion and manage partner settlement risks by utilizing funds to offset current roaming funding requirements.


Once you have determined the correct rate, integrated the automatic billing process, and easily collected appropriate funds, you can better understand your partners and track revenues through in-depth dynamic analytics. Quickly find and resolve any concerns you find through reading the tea leaves in the numbers.

Revenue Success from Clearing and Settlement

But what does this mean for your company’s bottom line? From newly created revenue streams for A2P based traffic through enhanced new classes of service, rating, and clearing functionality to mitigating risk and revenue leakage, you can fully maximize your messaging business profits and efficiency through the Syniverse clearing and settlement for messaging solution.

And messaging continues to expand. According to the GSMA, an additional 600 million unique mobile subscribers are expected to join the ecosystem by 2025. With the five billion unique mobile subscribers, mobile network operators are clearing billions of dollars annually. Syniverse currently clears and settles $15 billion alone. Customer behavior also shows this projection continuing as 98% of text messages get opened. Mobile devices and communication over them do not show any signs of slowing down.

Through our cost-effective, cloud-based system and easy-to-use transparency tools, Syniverse continues its commitment to furthering your messaging business with clearing and settlement solutions and more.

Reach out or leave a comment below to discuss how we can improve your messaging business and grow your revenue.

Krista serves as Senior Product Manager responsible for Syniverse’s Financial Clearing solutions. Krista has worked at Syniverse for over seven years in a variety of roles, including Senior Client Relationship Manager for Financial Clearing. Prior to joining Syniverse, Krista worked at MACH as a Client Service Manager. Through these roles, she has developed excellent customer and product support skills as well as product roadmap planning.



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