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The Mobile Privacy Predicament

Syniverse recently surveyed over 8,000 consumers across the globe to find out their feeling on the topic of mobile privacy and brand trust. Survey highlights include:

  • Trust in brands and mobile operators to safeguard privacy has fallen among 50 percent of consumers in the last three years: now more than 70 percent don’t trust them with their data
  • Security, transparency and control concerns have caused widening trust gap
  • Reliance on big data for personalization must be tempered with consumer willingness to share

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Syniverse has been at the forefront of many of the developments that a superior end-user experience at every stage of the mobile journey. Today Syniverse continues to lead with intelligent policy services, mobile engagement, mobile protection and many other solutions that help mobile operators and enterprises bridge the mobile trust gap.

Infographic:Syniverse MWC 2016 Mobile Trust - Download
Infographic: Mobile Privacy Predicament

“All players in the mobile value chain must rethink their approaches to harvesting, managing and using personal data. They must take a more transparent approach to personalization that empowers control and guarantees data security and privacy. It is on this foundation that a new ‘mobile privacy pact’ will be established to ensure business models and engagement strategies of the future are fully realized.”

Mary Clark, Chief Marketing Officer, Syniverse

Blueprint for Protecting and Engaging Your Mobile-First Customers

Blueprint for Protecting and Engaging Your Mobile-First Customers

Brand trust is earned by protecting your customer through the delivery of contextually relevant information. This information adds value as well as creates a richer experience for the customer. But where should you start with building this brand trust? This six-step blueprint from Syniverse will enable you to implement a mobile engagement strategy that will protect your customers as well as foster long-term loyalty. The result: a new level of brand trust that will help you secure an ongoing competitive advantage in your market.

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Putting mobile in context
Putting Mobile in Context
Mobile Momentum

Today, 31% of consumers begrudgingly share their personal data in order to access services. 19% do so willingly.

Source: Syniverse Consumer Research

Declining Trust

Trust in brands and mobile operators to safeguard privacy has fallen among 50% of consumers in last three years.

Data Sharing

Only 19% of consumers willingly share their personal data

Data Privacy

Three quarters (75%) of consumers now don’t trust brands with their personal data

Brand Responsibility

55% of consumers hold brands responsible for protecting their personal data