The Best 5G Globally Using IPX

The Best 5G Globally Using IPX Roaming

With IPX roaming, you can seamlessly connect to mobile networks worldwide, ensuring uninterrupted communication and data transfer. The introduction of 5G will improve Internet of Things (IoT) applications by significantly enhancing their range and quality. 

With our IPX network, you can make use of 5G roaming support for your customers. With just one connection, you can access the largest network that spans across the globe. Our robust infrastructure forms the foundation for all IP-based services, including the cutting-edge 5G technology. 

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Forecasts show its adoption is gaining steam, with an estimated 205 million connections by 2025 in North America alone. Devices will demand better coverage. 5G has impressive speeds, reduced latency, and capacity to support numerous devices simultaneously.

Roaming will be crucial in many IoT applications, especially mobile or geographically dispersed ones. It allows devices to move between different network areas without any interruption seamlessly.

What Is IPX in 5G?

The IP exchange (IPX) is a widely recognized global interconnection model that facilitates the seamless interworking of diverse networks. It ensures robust security measures, high-quality service delivery, and efficient support for data roaming services. Thus, it is an indispensable component in successfully deploying 5G networks.

IPX roaming is a vital intermediary, enabling seamless interconnection between diverse networks. This capability is particularly crucial for roaming scenarios, where devices constantly transition between different networks. IPX facilitates this process by ensuring uninterrupted connectivity and efficient data transfer, contributing significantly to successful 5G and IoT deployments.

When it comes to time-sensitive or mission-critical IoT applications, the quality of service is of utmost importance. With IPX roaming applications receive the highest level of performance and reliability. You can trust that IoT devices will operate seamlessly and efficiently, meeting the demands of even the most critical scenarios. IPX roaming supports Quality of Service (QoS) routing, which can help meet these requirements.

With the proliferation of devices collecting and transmitting sensitive information, ensuring data security has become paramount. IPX roaming provides a robust network that guarantees the protection of personal and business-critical data. There is no room for compromise regarding safeguarding information, and IPX offers a shield against potential threats.

Why Do IoT Applications Need 5G Roaming?

5G IPX roaming is absolutely crucial for IoT applications for complete mobility and a truly global scale.

Uninterrupted connectivity is required for IoT devices to function, such as in vehicles, wearable tech, drones, or in the logistics sectors. With LTE roaming and IPX networks, maintaining connectivity while moving across network coverage areas is possible. Consumers can use their IoT devicesand have a seamless experience without interruptions.

IoT devices play a significant role on a global scale. Take, for instance, a logistics company that relies on IoT sensors to monitor shipments worldwide. Without IPX network protocols, sensors could face connectivity issues when crossing national borders or switching between different network carriers’ coverage areas.

Why Do You Need 5G IPX Roaming?

Telecommunications carriers must heed: failing to support 5G IPX roaming can have several significant drawbacks. This could result in losing competitive edge, alienating customers, and missing out on lucrative opportunities.

Capitalize on Revenue Opportunities

Carriers have a golden opportunity to boost their revenue by embracing IPX LTE roaming. By offering this service, they can charge for roaming services and attract new customers who require these advanced capabilities. With 5G slicing, enterprises can have tailored spectrum allocation to meet their needs. Syniverse can help operators in charging and billing for these services effectively.

Competitive Advantage

Carriers not supporting 5G roaming may face a significant competitive disadvantage as the 5G and IoT growth continues. It would be challenging to retain customers or attract new ones. This is particularly true as sectors such as logistics, transportation, healthcare, and manufacturing adopt IoT technologies. Our support for 5G SEPP ensures that secure connections are provided, offering high protection.


Remove network limitations and embrace the power of IPX roaming to keep your customers connected. Through our existing IPX network, Syniverse proudly provides high-quality 5G roaming services to our esteemed operator customers.

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