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Engage and reach your customers in the mobile moment to improve your customer conversion and loyalty metrics.

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Boosting sales and improving customer loyalty remain two of the most important priorities for growing your retail business. To this end, mobile offers an ever-increasing range of channels for reaching your consumers with personalized offers at the most critical “mobile moments” when they’re forming decisions. Syniverse’s retail solutions offer you all of the tools necessary to engage and reach your customers in the mobile moment, and can help improve your customer conversion and loyalty metrics in a number of ways.

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Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Deliver compelling, personalized mobile offers to your customers during their journey. For example, send a VIP event notification to your loyalty-reward program customers to increase attendance and enhance engagement. Once a customer enters your store to attend an event, you can send a location-based VIP mystery discount to foster long-term loyalty with your brand.

If you’re curious about additional ways to leverage mobile to increase conversion, leverage Syniverse Professional Services to assist you along the way.

Use Cases


Global Reach

Text-messaging (SMS) and multimedia messaging (MMS) communications are great channels to use to target your customers with hyperpersonalized offers. Send a mobile coupon offer using an SMS embedded link and allow customers to save that coupon to their mobile wallet application for later use. Once a coupon expires, you can dynamically update your customer’s wallet with another offer to keep them wanting more.


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