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Deliver transactional or promotional messages to your customer base across several different mobile channels.

How Syniverse Helps


There are several mobile channels that retailers can leverage to connect with their customers. Each channel offers distinct advantages, and together the channels offer combinations of almost limitless possibilities to achieve business goals.

Syniverse’s range of specialized services provides a comprehensive solution that enables retailers to address these omni-channel needs. Using this solution, retailers can reach their customers during every step of their journey through their preferred method of contact.

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Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Omni-channel solutions enable you to deliver compelling, personalized mobile communications to guide your customers toward a path to action. For example, when a customer enters your store, you can send a location-based offer through a push notification to entice them to make a purchase.

If you’re curious about additional ways to leverage mobile to reach your customers when it counts the most, explore Syniverse Professional Services to assist you in your omni-channel strategy development.

Use Cases


Global Reach

Text messaging (SMS) and multimedia messaging (MMS) communications provide an excellent way to deliver rich content to your customers to keep them engaged. Embed links in your text-message communications to guide your customers to rich content – like games, coupons, images, apps, and videos – that will improve engagement and drive action.


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