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More and more customers today are choosing mobile to engage with financial services providers. In many cases, however, mobile-based services, including apps, suffer from a lack of contextually based offers and generic contact, which often lead to low usage and eventual decline. As a result, many enterprises are now re-evaluating their techniques to re-engage mobile customers and improve their customer retention and acquisition strategy.

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Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Syniverse mobile engagement solutions can help financial services enterprises better reach, reconcile and achieve their mobile marketing goals. Rich mobile campaigns that enable cross-channel communications, such as text messaging, email, and voice calling, can quickly capture the attention of customers and offer higher-quality mobile experiences.

Use Cases


Mobile Protection

With the rise of mobile-only households, mobile phones are becoming primary sources for commerce, communication, and fraud. For this reason, mobile context, phone-number validation, and connectivity solutions are becoming more critical than ever to improve real-time identity verification, risk assessment, and decision making.

Global Reach

Mobile messaging solutions that carry timely, personalized campaigns can effectively offer new areas of services at any point in the financial “path to purchase.” The pervasiveness and high-response rate enabled by these solutions can help financial services companies establish and build a stronger role in the mobile value chain.


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