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Controlling costs is critical in developing new business models. On the one hand, there is the need to be cost-efficient, and on the other hand, there is a need to deliver genuine customer value. To this end, Syniverse’s mobile solutions provide cost reduction strategies to financial services providers to give customers more power and responsibility for managing their own transactions, with less human input. These solutions can play an invaluable role in shifting high-cost, day-to-day transactions to lower-cost channels that can improve service levels.

SMS Text Marketing with Embedded Links
Infographic: SMS Text Marketing with Embedded Links

Our Solutions

Mobile Protection

Syniverse’s cloud-based mobile protection solutions use a single end-to-end connection to validate mobile phone numbers in real time. The solutions address the challenge that, without proper database maintenance, sending mobile messages to the wrong person or number can negatively impact delivery, waste money, and reduce offer uptake.

Global Reach

To enable better communication, more and more financial services providers are collecting mobile phone numbers as part of their customer engagement processes. When customer opt-in is obtained, Syniverse text-messaging marketing solutions can not only be effective and relatively inexpensive, but they can also achieve near-immediate customer contact at a lower cost.


Mobile Marketing and Engagement

Effective customer engagement can lower costs and simplify complexity while generating improved loyalty and revenue. Syniverse’s mobile engagement solutions can enable this engagement by facilitating contextually based exchanges that are matched with customer needs and preferences. Once needs are identified, financial services companies can craft and deliver relevant messages that strengthen relationships.

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