Kaleido’s Recognition of Syniverse as a “Best Placed Champion Vendor” and “Recognized Leading 5G Roaming Vendor”

Kaleido Recognizes Syniverse as a Market Leader in 5G Roaming  

In a recent study, Kaleido Intelligence recognized Syniverse as a leading 5G roaming vendor, one of The Best Placed Champion Vendors to Enable 5G Roaming for Operators. Being named as one of Kaleido Intelligence’s top vendors for 5G roaming solutions demonstrates Syniverse’s unparalleled track record of developing top-tier industry products and solutions designed specifically to guide operators through network transformations and toward revenue realization. In order to better understand how Syniverse was named a “Best Placed Vendor”, it’s important to understand a little background to the report and also value that Syniverse brings to 5G Roaming through our comprehensive 5G Roaming solution.

As with all mobile platforms, the mobile industry, and operators in particular, tend to migrate cautiously to next-generation technologies. This has also been true of 5G as well, as mobile operators take their time to assess the market, determine market needs, and realize the impact the transition will have on their bottom line when it comes to cost layouts and time-to-market.

But there are positive signs that there is growing interest and investment in 5G. In a recent survey, Kaleido surveyed over 100 mobile operators around the world on their 5G roaming implementation plans, monetization strategies and use case requirements. According to their survey results over 85% of participating mobile network operators are planning to launch 5G SA roaming by the end of 2025.

This is significant data showing that a majority of mobile operators have plans to invest in upgrading their infrastructure to support the needs of a fully functioning 5G supported network or 5G Standalone. Investing in and implementing the proper equipment is a necessary step to supporting 5G Standalone services, but driving revenues through quality roaming services is what ultimately makes 5G roaming a feasible platform to support.

To obtain the highest levels of quality when implementing roaming solutions, mobile operators need to be conscious of a myriad of key technical conditions. These requirements identified in Kaleido’s 5G ROAMING: CONSUMER & IoT STRATEGIES 2023 report, April 2023 and constitute the basis for Syniverse’s 5G Roaming solution designed to help mobile operators effectively and efficiently move from 4G to 5G Non-standalone (NSA) to 5G Stand-alone (SA).

One of the main foundational elements Syniverse uses to construct the industry’s most powerful 5G roaming platform is a globally implemented IPX network with unmatched direct connectivity, fallback routes, and increased uncompromised capacity. Based on this establishment are numerous features and product additions that help Syniverse offer a unique end-to-end 5G roaming solution. This includes 5G signaling controller for optimal interconnections and congestion control, SEPP for enhanced 5G security, policy control, roaming analytics, charging and clearing, global services, and Diameter support for the transition from 5G NSA to SA.

With costly investment decisions and the need to continually produce high-quality services, mobile operators looking to transition to 5G and support 5G roaming, need to partner with organizations that have a track record of delivering industry-proven products, solutions, and services. Syniverse has over 30 years of providing best-in-class service to mobile operators as they build out their next-generation networks, facilitating uninterrupted service for their subscribers, regardless of where they may travel.

I encourage you to read the full report from Kaleido which provides an analysis of the inbound and outbound 5G roaming landscape, in addition to an assessment of the key trends, market developments, and operator requirements. For additional information on Syniverse’s 5G Roaming solution, visit our website.

Read our official press release here.

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Mike Rosenbaum joined Syniverse in 2011 and has more than 15 years of experience in working in marketing communication and product management roles in the telecom industry. As Product Marketing Manager, Mike is responsible for leading the communication strategy and content development for Syniverse’s portfolio of connectivity solutions, including services for IPX, IoT, RCS, and 5G and 4G. Prior to joining Syniverse, Mike held various marketing roles with a number of leading technology companies, including OKI Network Technologies, Ubiquity Software and Aicent. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from California State University at Chico.



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