How Syniverse Helps Operators Overcome the Challenges of 5G Roaming

For a majority of the past 35+ years that Syniverse has played an integral part of the mobile industry, roaming has been a critical element in the service collection of mobile operators. But during much of this time, roaming was basically relegated to a person with a device, a phone, a tablet, traveling either domestically or internationally and expecting to maintain mobile connectivity no matter what network they roamed to. This is still the case, but roaming has expanded beyond the typical phone or personal device to “things.” These “things,” which range from luggage trackers to watches, from cars to planes and trains, and to shipping containers and packages, are continuing to grow in exponential numbers. With this growth come connectivity, monitoring, tracking, and monetization issues.  

5G is well-equipped to handle this new wave of roaming devices. With its ability to handle a multitude of devices and support faster speeds with greater bandwidth, 5G is inherently designed to help operators take advantage of new device technologies and connectivity. But, as with any new technology, there are growing pains associated with 5G implementation and support.  

For operators, having an in-depth understanding of the current and future challenges of implementing and supporting 5G services, including roaming, will help them to navigate the initial stages of implementation and formulate a structure that will allow them to maintain the benefits of their 5G investments more easily.  

5G Implementation Q&A

In a recent Q&A with Mobile World Live, I was joined by my colleague, Pradeep Bhardwaj, Sr Strategy Director – Head of Industry Standards at Syniverse, to respond to various questions related to the implementation, challenges, and obstacles that exist with 5G and 5G roaming. We explored the use of the 5G new radio in 5G NSA compared to 4G LTE, support for roaming VAS services, signaling, and security and voice requirements. In addition, we also discussed the opportunities that will allow operators to monetize new services that will become increasingly available with the expanded capabilities of 5G. And, of course, will also lend to operators new and attractive business models that basically take advantage of connectivity and help to further drive the evolution of and monetization of Connectivity as a Service.  

To gain a more complete understanding of the challenges facing operators today, I recommend reading the complete Q&A article currently published on Mobile World Live’s Content Hub.

As Vice President of Product Management at Syniverse, Mike is passionate about serving the customer, believing that every enterprise should strive to add value and success to their customer’s business, no matter the industry. He encourages those around him to understand the issues and challenges that face their customers, as that is the key to providing the best solutions to drive their success, and offers that this can be achieved by listening first, then educating, advising and collaborating.



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