How To Improve Real-Time Guest Engagement and Management

Create Moving Customer Experiences for People on the Move

Everyone’s on the move these days. So, naturally, it has become increasingly important for businesses, particularly in the hospitality industry, to have real-time customer engagement wherever they are. Providing a stellar customer experience doesn’t begin when a guest checks into a hotel or visit a website, though. It starts with understanding customers and effectively communicating with them using their preferred channels and in the language of their choice, all while being sensitive to cultural norms.

This level of engagement can be achieved using real-time intelligence, insights, streamlined operations, and enhanced security. And customer engagement platforms can help.

Why a Real-Time Omnichannel Approach is Essential

The future of travel is being shaped by Generation Z and Millennials, who are seeking more from their travel experiences. Hotels and other leisure providers that can cater to these evolving trends will stay relevant and competitive. Additionally, these target groups are more ethnically diverse and are digital natives. As technology and the internet rapidly expanded, they grew up alongside it. To meet evolving customer needs, communicating in real-time is vital. Using appropriate language and personalized interactions are key.

Effective communication is crucial for customer satisfaction and conversions, particularly in multilingual settings. Two-way communication that enables seamless understanding is key. For instance, real-time text translation can help hotels engage with guests in their native languages, deepening emotional connections and boosting brand loyalty.

Customers crave real-time, effective communication through their preferred channels such as WhatsApp, Voice, SMS, MMS and others. Syniverse’s Customer Engagement Platform provides integration with all these channels and more, effectively and efficiently allowing businesses to manage an omnichannel comms strategy, while communicating with customers in real-time. Plus, whether guests are exploring a new city, traveling for business, or simply enjoying a vacation, the platform empowers leisure services providers to stay connected and consistently provide personalized and relevant experiences.

To deliver highly personalized engagement, businesses also need access to customer insights and a range of other functionalities. A good customer engagement platform can help gather valuable insights, allowing businesses to better understand their customers and design truly sublime guest experiences. Syniverse’s Customer Engagement Platform also seamlessly integrates with existing business applications, streamlining operations and making customer engagement more efficient. Delivering as a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) also ensures seamless scalability and affordable economy for businesses of all sizes.

Real-time intelligence also ensures that businesses can respond promptly to guests’ needs and preference, creating a heightened sense of care and attention, which can foster customer loyalty. Ultimately, this will empower businesses to anticipate and meet guest needs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and repeat bookings.

Tackling the Emerging Need for Security

In addition to improved customer engagement, there is also a need for data security and identity verification. Knowing that robust security measures are in place, businesses can confidently engage with their guests, protecting their data and interactions.. This level of trust is essential for building long-term relationships and cultivating customer loyalty. Being able to ensure security of data, while also allowing guests to authenticate themselves seamlessly, can open new opportunities for an even better experience. Relying on Syniverse’s Mobile Identity and Security Services can also accomplish this.

Choose Syniverse for Omnichannel Real-Time Engagement

Syniverse’s Customer Engagement Platform and Service Suite empowers hotels to connect with guests in real-time, on their preferred communication channels, and in their native language. With real-time two-way text translation, language barriers disappear, affording deeper connections and increased satisfaction.

By integrating with existing applications, the platform enables hotels to use customer data for personalization and informed decisions. It also enhances operational efficiency, security, and customer engagement – giving businesses tools to stand out in the crowd.

Unleash real-time intelligence and streamline guest management strategies to boost customer loyalty. Connect with our experts to learn how to personalize guest experiences and stay ahead of competitors in hospitality!

With a strong background in supply chain and product management, Esther is passionate about using customer insights, market research, and advanced analytics to develop tailored solutions that resonate with the target audience. Blending technology and consumer understanding to deliver products and services that truly meet and exceed customer expectations. Her data-driven approach enables her to identify areas of improvement, enhance workflows, and deliver operational excellence, ultimately boosting productivity and driving bottom-line growth. Esther enjoys working with internal and external stakeholders to deliver on their vision!



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