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Benefits of an Enabled 5G Roaming Solution

The rise of 5G roaming technology has completely transformed the global telecommunication landscape. It brings faster speeds, lower latency, improved device connectivity and enhanced security to a whole new level. With 5G roaming, users can experience fast speeds, ultra-low latency, and enhanced network reliability, no matter where they are.

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What Is 5G Roaming?

When traveling, 5G roaming allows users to connect to a 5G network, even if it’s not their home network. 5G international roaming requires an interface between the visiting network and the home network, where the user’s service originates. 

The user’s device establishes communication with the visiting network, which then establishes communication with the home network. They can enjoy their home network’s data, voice, and other services. This means subscribers can enjoy the benefits of high-speed data transfer rates and low latency.

The Global System for Mobile Communications Association (GSMA) has guidelines to which mobile network operators (MNOs) worldwide must adhere. For successful GSMA 5G roaming, the user’s home and foreign network operators must have an established roaming agreement. Additionally, both networks need to support compatible 5G technologies.

5G roaming is not just beneficial, but it is essential for network operators. It significantly improves their service offering, drives increased revenues, and adds immense value to their customers.

Deliver Secure Seamless 5G International Roaming Connectivity

Networks must be technically compatible to achieve a smooth 5G international roaming experience. 

Developing interoperability for operators offering 5G roaming services can be resource-intensive, time-consuming, and costly with IREG and TADIG testing. Syniverse Global Services can conduct offsite testing, so operators don’t need additional resources or expensive infrastructure.

With the enhanced speeds and capacity of 5G networks, prioritizing security measures becomes even more imperative. The GSMA strongly recommends utilizing the IPX network for operators to ensure safe and dependable interconnectivity during 5G roaming. 

Security edge protection proxy (SEPP) is a feature in 5G that provides secure communication between home and visited networks. SEPP safeguards against threats such as fraud, privacy leaks, spoofing, and replay attacks in inter-operator 5G signaling. Syniverse’s 5G SEPP solution, a hosted offering within Syniverse’s 5G roaming solution, resides at the edge of the network providing integrity, confidentiality, and spoofing protection in addition to topology hiding.

Operators must effectively handle the complexities of international roaming billing and traffic flow management between networks. To streamline these processes, they may need to leverage sophisticated software systems for transparent and secure tracking. Syniverse supports billing and charging functions (BCE). By integrating these functions, operators can offer specific services to support their commercial models.

Serve Customers 5G Roaming Capabilities with Current 4G Infrastructure

Operators can gain a significant competitive edge by providing 5G roaming services, especially during the initial phase of 5G implementation. Offering this feature can attract customers, especially enterprises and frequent travelers who prioritize seamless connectivity no matter their location.

With Syniverse’s end-to-end 5G roaming solution, network operators can provide customers with 5G roaming options when transitioning from 4G to 5G. This is possible in a non-standalone (NSA) 5G roaming architecture, where 4G LTE networks are used alongside the 5G network. 

The 4G network takes care of certain control functions. However, the 5G network delivers faster data speeds and increased capacity. This approach enables them to simultaneously develop their 5G networks while ensuring a smooth transition.

Syniverse’s Mobile Policy Control Center offers additional control for network operators when they transition to 5G, allowing for a single policy platform for both 4G and 5G. Operators can easily create and manage flexible data roaming plans and policies for their roaming subscribers.

Prepare 5G infrastructure for Increased Global Demand for IoT Technologies

Due to the disruption of the pandemic, enterprises must undergo significant digital transformation, taking advantage of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. 

The increased data demands from enterprises means not having 5G roaming leaves money on the table. With increased demand and usage, network operators must be able to handle surges without downtime or disruption in service. 

Roaming in 5G networks offers much faster speeds, increased capacity, and reduced latency compared to 4G. These qualities make them perfect for IoT devices that need real-time communication capabilities. Network operators must implement 5G network coverage to manage the growing number of IoT devices and the massive data they generate.

With network slicing for 5G SA roaming, you can divide a single physical network into multiple virtual networks. Each will have its own resources, policies, and service levels. This allows for effective management and customization of the networks to meet various an enterprises needs. A network slice can be allocated for IoT devices that demand low latency, like autonomous vehicles and industrial robots.

Choose the Best 5G Roaming Solution

With Syniverse, operators can introduce 5G roaming services, with the largest direct global reach of any IPX provider. Get a competitive edge with support for all IP-based services, such as 5G NSA, 5G SA, RCS, LTE, and VoLTE. 

Network operators can effortlessly clear, reconcile, settle, and audit wholesale 5G roaming traffic with our Universal Commerce for BCE. It actively manages the roaming experience of 5G subscribers in real-time and monitors customer service quality. 

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