Boost Customer Satisfaction with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Application for One-time Passcode (OTP) Delivery

Get ready to dive into the world of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) with me! With 25 years of experience under my belt, I’ve gained some invaluable insights. One of them being the power of using an IVR application to not only deliver one-time passwords, codes, and PINs (Personal Identification Number) but also to boost customer satisfaction and drive upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

How an IVR Application Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Most often, when we log on to a website to access our banking information, shop online or browse social media feed, we are prompted to go through a two-factor authentication process. A CPaaS solution such as Syniverse CPaaS Concierge gives you the option to obtain your password via a voice call. The platform will instantly generate an outbound call to the account holder and provide a one-time passcode (OTP) for easy and secure authentication.

Recent data by Juniper Research predicts that the CPaaS market will reach $29 billion USD globally by 2025. The number of API voice calls is projected to skyrocket from $20 billion USD in 2021 to a staggering $200 billion USD by 2026. Voice traffic is projected to grow in all geographic regions, with East Asia and China expected to see the largest amounts of growth.

While voice can be used to deliver a one-time passcode, it can also be a great opportunity to provide additional services to your customer. An Interactive Voice Response app allows enterprise businesses to provide customers with a set of menu options to access account information, promotional offers or even payment reminders. Additionally, IVR can also provide customers the option to transfer to a live agent for further assistance or acceptance.

Just think about the possibilities you now have at hand to drive customer satisfaction with a set of IVR menu options. If you begin to leverage customer data and information, you can present even more personalized menu options to truly support their particular needs.

This is where Syniverse’s Customer Engagement Platform and Services Suite can help transform your customer engagement and support to be more dynamic and responsive, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention. Additionally, we can provide support for up to 40 global languages, allowing you to reach your customers in the way they understand best.

IVR Applications in Travel & Hospitality

Here’s a scenario of how IVR can be used for an airline customer that needs to access information on an upcoming flight:

Like many major airlines, the customer needs to undergo a multi-factor authentication process when logging into their account on a mobile app. After entering their username and password, the customer is then prompted to choose how they’d like to receive a one-time passcode – either via a text message or voice call. If the customer chooses voice, the CPaaS platform immediately dials a call to the saved phone number. Once the OTP has been read to the customer, the IVR app dynamically provides the following menu options:

To listen to the passcode again, press 1.

To get more information about your upcoming trip, press 2.  

To speak to a customer service agent, press 3.

To check your frequent flier points balance, press 4.

In this particular scenario, the airline tailored the menu options to pull up trip information to the front of the list based on the customer’s upcoming flight itinerary. By leveraging customer data, the IVR can better anticipate customer’s needs and provide a more memorable experience.

Endless Options, Customizations and Possibilities

With such a strategy in place, the options are endless. To enhance customer satisfaction, we can create a sense of personalization by offering information through a range of menu options and engaging with them. This demonstrates to the customer that the brand truly understands their needs, resulting in a greater sense of appreciation.

Plus, since the brand/service provider is the one initiating the call via its CPaaS platform, you already know who you are calling. This allows VIP experiences, priority routing to agents, and enhanced personalization. It also opens doors to upselling, cross-selling, and improving the overall customer experience.

After years of experience in this field, I strongly believe it’s time to break free from monotonous and repetitive Interactive Voice Response call flows. Let’s move towards a more personalized approach that caters to individual needs, spreading efficiency and satisfaction. Join the movement for enhanced customer experiences! Active customer engagement is crucial. To provide an exceptional IVR experience, leverage insights from the customer engagement platform. Analyzing frequently used options and relevant topics enables continuous improvement. Let’s tap into data gathering, analytics, and creativity to enhance customer satisfaction.

We must not let our Interactive Voice Response grow stale. Instead, we must strive to keep them current, dynamic and even exciting! Find out more about our Voice capabilities and how it can enhance your customer satisfaction.

Danny Gomez is a telecom industry veteran with 25+ years of experience and a track record of successful collaborations with global clients and vendors. He is highly skilled in managing integrations with Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers and deploying advanced solutions such as conferencing, voice mail, IVR, Hosted PBX, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), and patient monitoring systems.

As a telecom expert, he consistently provides strategic guidance, shares insights on industry developments, and delivers optimal results in complex projects. With strong problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to different business practices and cross-cultural environments, Danny excels at fostering relationships with stakeholders at all levels. He is passionate about staying ahead of emerging trends and continuously strives for exceptional results.



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