Syniverse Reveals Untapped Value of Text Messaging in New Guide

With all the buzz about today’s newest social media channels and smartphone technologies, it can be easy to overlook the simplicity and power of a mobile channel like text messaging. This, however, is a mistake. More than ever, in today’s fragmented mobile world of multiple technologies, text messaging remains the one constant that enables all brands to communicate with mobile consumers.

The opportunity this mobile channel offers to marketers – if used right – is tremendous. Not surprisingly, however, many brands continue to rely on their trusty app as a mainstay of their mobile marketing strategy and have tunnel vision when it comes to considering messaging and other channels. Consider that app usage is declining now, with some 90 percent of users abandoning or deleting apps within the first 30 days of downloading them. At the same time, over 50 percent of users say push notifications are annoying, and 46 percent say that receiving just two to five messages in one week would cause them to turn off push notifications, disabling them as mobile engagement tools. Clearly, brands continue using apps at the risk of missing a crucial opportunity to reach their customers.

text_messaging_e-bookTo this end, Syniverse has been right in the middle of helping brands rediscover the untapped value of text messaging and move beyond the app, and we’ve just collected our latest insights in a new e-book called “Text Messaging: The Powerful, Small Piece of Mobile Real Estate You May Not Be Using.” Syniverse, in fact, delivered over 9 billion messages between enterprises and mobile users around the world in 2016, so we know what we’re talking about when it comes to messaging.

In the e-book, we show how text messaging offers one of the most reliable mobile channels, with more than 95 percent of text messages being read almost immediately, as well as a channel that can be strategically used to deliver unique brand journeys and game-changing business results. This includes breaking down new ways to build a customer base using messaging, the latest research findings on customers’ messaging preferences, best practices for connecting with customers through messaging, and case studies demonstrating messaging’s singular value.

I invite you to check out our new e-book here or at the link below, and I urge you to explore several other resources on this site that we’ve developed to show how to more dynamically engage consumers through messaging.

Text Messaging: The Powerful, Small Piece of Mobile Real Estate You May Not Be Using

Dave Ratner is a former Chief Product Officer at Syniverse.



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