Podcast: Proven Steps to Earn Brand Preference with Content Marketing

This podcast was originally produced by Sales Benchmark Index and is republished here with permission.


Our guest today is Mary Clark, the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief of Staff of wireless technology enabler Syniverse. The leading global transaction processor, Syniverse enables seamless mobile communications across disparate networks, devices and applications.

So why this topic on this day? Producing and distributing content for everyone means doing it for no one. For content marketing to generate revenue you must know exactly what your customers need, where they need it, how often they need it, and in what form they need to consume it. Miss any of these items (and others like them) and your content marketing efforts will fail to contribute to revenue growth in any meaningful way.

Mary describes how to prioritize the content resources that are going to provide a hook with unique insight that elevates the conversation with a buyer. The ultimate goal is to help the buyer recognize the unique position, a unique perspective on the challenge that they’re facing. And that the solution that we’re bringing to bear is going to be relevant to their requirements, and relieve their pain points.

Mary Clark is a former Chief Corporate Relations Officer and Chief of Staff at Syniverse.



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