RCS in Focus, Part 1

Like almost no other mobile service, text messaging, has been one of the mobile industry’s biggest success stories. Syniverse has had the fortune to play a key role in its development over the last 25-plus years, and now we’re at the beginning of an exciting new chapter with messaging.

Rich Communication Services, or RCS, has been an emerging technology that is finally reaching fruition and promises to revolutionize messaging as we know it. RCS promises to transform text messaging by taking all the best functionality of messaging and giving it a 21st century upgrade, with features like high-resolution imagery, advanced video and audio capabilities, location information, and analytic feedback, just to name a few.

Syniverse has been at the forefront of RCS adoption and helping our customers extend the new capabilities of this service to their consumers. As part of this, in my role as a Product Management Director, I continue to get questions on just what RCS is and what it will mean for the mobile experience. In the video below, the first of two parts, I address some of these questions and talk about what RCS is, why it’s important, and how Syniverse is positioned to play a role in RCS. In part two of the video, I’ll talk about what the next big steps and applications for RCS.

Please take a look, and let me know any experiences you’ve had with RCS by leaving a comment below.



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