Syniverse and Occam Join Forces to Develop ‘Smart Parking’ at Innovation Lab

Just a few months after the opening of our new Syniverse Innovation Lab, we’ve been off to a fast start and making progress with several partners on some next-generation services.

One new partner we’ve been doing a lot of work with is a company called Occam Technology Group. Occam specializes in solutions for the internet of things (IoT) and has particular expertise in services for non-cellular IoT connectivity using a technology called LoRa (“Long Range”) – a low-power, wide-area wireless communication protocol. LoRa connectivity is often used in devices that are stationary and rely on lower amounts of battery usage over an extended time span, such as sensors for tracking crop production or for monitoring underground utility systems. This connectivity is efficient in that it uses minimal power, but in most cases that connectivity uses the public internet for back-end applications, a vulnerability we’ve been addressing with Occam.

Specifically, we’ve been working on a “smart parking” service. Sensors installed in parking spaces at our  Tampa, Florida, office identify empty spots and communicate the status of each to our Innovation Lab using an Occam LoRa connection and our Syniverse Secure Global Access, a private, isolated global network that enables businesses to protect their data from the public internet.

We just shared some of the results of our work at a demonstration at Mobile World Congress Americas in Los Angeles, and in the video below I share some of the highlights from that event and an overview of our work. Please take a look to find out what we’ve got going on in our Innovation Lab, and if you’re interested in finding out more about our Lab or would like to explore a partnership opportunity, drop me a line at





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