Join the RCS Revolution with Syniverse’s Early Trials

When you think of one of the most useful services of mobile communication, it’s hard to top text messaging. Its ease of use, availability on every mobile device, and reliability of delivery make it a universal channel that everyone can use to communicate. At Syniverse, we’ve had the fortune to play a vital role in text messaging’s development since it became available almost three decades ago, and we’re now excited to help begin a bold new era with this service.

Rich Communication Services, or RCS, is the next generation of text messaging that is just reaching fruition, and it promises to revolutionize messaging as we know it. This technology will transform messaging by taking its best functionality and giving it a 21st century upgrade, with features like high-resolution imagery, advanced video and audio capabilities, location information, and analytic feedback, just to name a few things.

To help companies take the next step with this upgrade, we’ve launched a program offering an exclusive opportunity to become part of a Syniverse RCS early trial environment, and everyone is invited to apply. The testing space integrates all the experience and expertise that Syniverse has honed in nearly 30 years of working with text messaging. It provides an isolated “sandbox” environment where communication service providers and brands can freely and securely experiment with RCS’s full set of advanced text messaging features, some of which are shown below.

The early trial environment offers a win-win for both participating companies and Syniverse. Participants gain a unique chance to work with our RCS experts to get up to speed with the capabilities and characteristics of a technology that is opening a new era of mobile engagement and customer service. And Syniverse gets an opportunity to gain a better understanding of companies’ business needs and requirements in adopting RCS so we can refine and strengthen our own customer services.

If text messaging or mobile engagement is a critical component of your customer strategy, sign up here for a chance to become a part of our early trial program, and take the next step in the RCS revolution.

Apply to Syniverse RCS early trial program

Kola Layokun serves as Director of Product Management at Syniverse and has more than 20 years of experience in developing enterprise-focused communication platforms in the mobile industry. As a certified scaled agile practitioner, Kola has extensive experience as a product owner and manager in dynamic and fast-paced software development environments. Prior to Syniverse, Kola held numerous product management director roles at Telscape, Alltel and Cingular Wireless.



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