Syniverse Hosts 5G and Mobile IoT Roaming Webinars on Oct. 9 and 10

Today’s new world of interconnected networks and transactions is big, getting bigger, and well on its way to redefining the way we do business. This is especially true in the area of clearing and settlement, since all these transactions have to be securely monetized.

Clearing and settlement for the mobile industry, in particular, is being transformed as new technologies like 5G and the internet of things (IoT) are now adding even more connectivity and complexity, and as the ability to seamlessly and securely clear any type of transaction that requires validation is becoming crucial, as well as the ability to provide an audit trail. 

This is one reason why the GSMA has launched an initiative to redefine the standards for billing and charging for roaming, and why Syniverse is holding a webinar, “Are you ready to monetize 5G and Mobile IoT roaming?,” to explain these new changes. Specifically, the GSMA has decided to stop developing TAP (Transferred Account Procedure) and begin implementing a new standard called Billing and Charging Evolution reporting.

The new standards will bring a number of new benefits and opportunities to clearing and settlement for roaming, and we’ll be able to break these down clearly at our webinar since we’re chairing the GSMA’s Billing and Charging Evolution group that is now finalizing the standards. This is why I invite you to join me and my colleague Douwe van der Heij at the webinar as we examine these areas of the GSMA’s new clearing and settlement changes:

  • Requirements for complying with the new GSMA billing and charging standards.
  • Flexible wholesale roaming charging models and processes to support business growth.
  • New solutions tailored for 5G and mobile IoT and future technologies.
  • Advantages of outsourcing the implementation of new billing standards.
  • Benefits that blockchain technology can bring to these solutions.

I hope you can join us. Earlier this year, we marked a milestone in our clearing and settlement work with the announcement of a partnership and joint blockchain solution with IBM, and this was followed with an IBM video, below, that profiled one of Syniverse’s leaders in blockchain, Dennis Meurs, as part of an IBM Blockchain series on this technology.

We’re excited about what lies on the horizon in blockchain and the fast-moving space of clearing and settlement. As mobile traffic continues to explode and new technologies like 5G and the IoT revolutionize mobile services, clearing and settlement will also be revolutionized and open a number of new capabilities and opportunities for the future. Syniverse is poised to play a central role in this exciting future, and I urge you to register for our webinars on Oct. 9 and 10 to learn more.

Anna Gussmann joined Syniverse in 2012 and has more than 25 years of experience in overseeing customer services, developing new products, and managing product development for top mobile and technology companies. As Senior Director of Customer Products and Industry Relations, she is responsible for designing products for Syniverse’s roaming services that are required by the GSMA, advising customers how to implement non-TAP (Transferred Account Procedure) transactions for roaming, developing blockchain solutions for clearing and settlement, and acting as a liaison to the GSMA by serving as chairperson of the organization’s Billing and Charging Evolution group. Previously, Anna was Senior Director of Customer Operations, and before Syniverse served as Director of Global Customer Services and a number of other senior roles for MACH, which was acquired by Syniverse in 2013. She holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin.



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