5G Takes the Spotlight on Day One of Mobile World Congress

It’s our second day at Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC Barcelona), and we’re off to a fast start at the Syniverse booth. Syniverse colleagues have joined us here from around the world for one of the most action-packed weeks of the year for mobile. Here’s what we have going on.

5G Study
This year, we kicked off our week with the announcement of a major study on a technology that is poised to have a breakout year – 5G. To prepare for the seismic shift this technology is bringing to the mobile landscape, we conducted a study to assess one of the big unknowns with 5G: How will mobile operators actually begin to make use of 5G to provide new services for enterprises, and how important a part will these services play in operators’ business models? To find this out, we partnered with Heavy Reading to conduct a global survey of operators and do a deep dive into better understanding their 5G preparations.

We found that despite operators’ enthusiasm for opening new revenue streams with enterprises and their optimism in taking a leading role in providing new 5G enterprise services, there are several underlying concerns about whether these operators are in a position to realize these goals. We’ve broken out the study’s top-line findings in a new report, “How the 5G ecosystem will pay for itself,” which we invite you to download here or below, and we’ve already begun to receive our first media coverage on the findings. We look forward to further analyzing this data and sharing more on its implications for operators and enterprises this year.

Download “How the 5G ecosystem will pay for itself”

Innovation Theater
We’re also hosting an Innovation Theater at our booth this week. It features three and a half days of technology seminars, business case presentations, and product demonstrations on some of the latest technology innovations we’re involved with, like 5G, Rich Communication Services (RCS), and blockchain.

Some session highlights include “Delivering Exceptional User Experiences with RCS,” “Blockchain for the Expanding Digital Ecosystem” and “Monetizing 5G: Creating New Frontiers for Mobile.”

Our Innovation Theater in full swing on Monday.

Industry 4.0 Event
Last but not least, Syniverse Chief Marketing Officer Bill Hurley is taking part in MWC Barcelona panel session on Wednesday, at 1:30 p.m. Barcelona time: “Can Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet Be as Secure and Reliable as Industry 3.0?” Following the first industrial revolution (mechanization through water and steam power), to the second (mass production and assembly lines using electricity), to the third (adoption of computers and automation), the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, promises to improve our industrial operations with smart and autonomous systems that use data and machine learning.

But what are the risks to businesses as they make this transformation? Bill will offer some keen perspectives to share from his work with some of our customers, and we’ll have a recap of his and the others’ key points following the session.

Bill Hurley at our booth.

Following Our Feeds
It’ll be a week chock-full of activities for Syniverse at what is always an exciting time of the year for mobile! Please stop by to see us if you’re here, and, if not, stay tuned for updates right here on our blog and on our Twitter and LinkedIn feeds.   

Senior Solutions Engineering Director Jason Gerardi meets with visitors at our booth.



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