Employee Notifications and COVID Protocol Awareness

There is no denying the last year has changed the way we live, work, and communicate. Simple tasks like meeting for a coffee or talking around the watercooler were lost, fragmenting the very communication that often holds organizations together. While there are still enormous losses worldwide, upward trends in vaccinated populations are starting to show glimpses of what we have been missing—a sense of normalcy.

While these upward trends are showing positive results in areas of our lives such as grocery shopping or attending a live event, there are still challenges in returning from lockdowns—and returning to the workplace tops the list. Employers must take many considerations to balance a returning workforce and health considerations. We at Syniverse are helping tackle this challenge by leveraging mobile communication.

Communication is key!

While building a back-to-office plan, communication and trust are key pillars in the overall strategy. Bridging this gap will be the difference between a functional workplace and a fragmented, resentful one

Syniverse is empowering businesses with a back-to-work solution by enabling simple bi-directional communication between enterprises and their employees, ensuring an open and honest dialog leveraging our CPaaS platform.

Syniverse CPaaS Concierge removes back-to-office friction.

Syniverse CPaaS Concierge leverages a single endpoint and enables communication across several channels allowing for a single voice of truth while simultaneously allowing organizations to get regionalized with the channels their workforce leverages. Want to leverage SMS communication in the United States? No problem! Want to receive feedback on WeChat in China? Absolutely! All these channels can deliver needed communication via a single set of APIs for common collection in enterprise systems.

What to say, when?

Syniverse CPaaS Concierge, an omni-channel mobile messaging approach, opens endless possibilities to communicate with your employees, but here are some examples of how it is being used today:

  • Employee Wellness Surveys – Load employee phone numbers or social endpoints (such as WhatsApp) to send notifications scheduled around their return to office days/times with important information on office policies, as well as a link to a wellness survey. Based on the feedback of the wellness survey, both enterprises and employees know what to expect and that the right steps are being made to ensure a safe environment.
  • Scheduling Desks and Conference Rooms – If your enterprise’s return to work strategy is more open ended, allow employees to mobile message and schedule dates and times in which they plan to come into the office and reserve desk space and conference rooms. By providing confirmation, the desk/room is secured for the date and providing notes around cleaning schedules. This enablement allows enterprises to maintain safe distancing between each employee and maintain the proper cleaning protocols to support the in-office population. Employees will feel more comfortable with the return to office procedures as the experience is personalized to the individual.

Managing Consent

While most employees will be elated to rejoin their co-workers and will appreciate the notifications, it is important the proper consent mechanisms are followed based on country.

There are several ways to approach consent, however, a common way for global SMS is to request opt-ins to mobile messaging programs via workplace email linking to a portal to schedule alerts. During subsequent conversations, a condensed version of this URL is displayed, allowing employees to augment or suppress further messages

Syniverse mobile messaging experts can assist in removing complexities and guide you in the best strategy based on market and desired outcome.

Regardless of your enterprise’s back-to-office approach, rest assured that Syniverse will be here to partner will you using our 30+ years of mobile experience, flexible messaging platform, and direct involvement in similar back to work programs.

For more information on Syniverse CPaaS Concierge, click here

Nate McRoberts is a Solutions Engineer at Syniverse’s headquarters office in Tampa, Florida.



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