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As customer preferences continue to evolve from siloed, transactional experiences to rich dialogues with previous context, it is critical enterprises make themselves available both in breadth of reach and depth of knowledge to meet growing expectations. While the undertaking to support this strategy seems cumbersome and expensive, the right steps with the right partner can simplify the experience and drive revenue while simultaneously reducing operational overhead by leveraging mobile communication platforms.

Syniverse’s Strategy

Here at Syniverse we recognize two key areas of focus:

  1. The customer ecosystem requires a combination of messaging channels, platforms, engagement strategies. Flexibility of sharing information through several systems is as important as the delivery itself. To that point, we have opened our connections and business logic to extend across 900+ platforms including platforms like Salesforce, Service Now, and Adobe.  With Syniverse Engagement for Salesforce, for instance, we provide a single connector to enable best-in-class SMS and social channel access directly within the application.
  2. Companies are struggling to deliver on complex asks and require mobile expertise. Syniverse has been in the mobile ecosystem for over 30 years and have global, long standing, relationships with mobile operators, key enterprises, and technology partners to deliver offerings correctly based on regulations and requirements. Moreover, we specialize in offering a white-glove concierge approach ensuring you are partnered with known advisors every step of the way.

Picking the right partner

Similar to how a concert violinist doesn’t purchase their violin at a big box store, each partner while doing some things well, may not be able to deliver on the perfect experience in all areas. For example, some companies specialize in CRM solutions and offer messaging, while others like Syniverse specialize in CPaaS mobile messaging and connect into other platforms like CRMs. An enterprise could make all the right choices based on a depth of customer logic and history but if the message never makes it to the handset, the experience is powerless.

Done the right way with segmentation and preference management and powered by the right partners, enterprises can be empowered to exceed all customer expectations with less intrusive touchpoints.

This key acknowledgement base can be the difference between a successful or failed customer engagement strategy.

Know your customer

While knowing key demographics of your customer base and selecting the proper channels is a great first step, it is becoming increasingly clear customers want enterprises to demonstrate that they know their individual preferences. Key items such as customer sentiment based on previous conversations, channel preferences, life events, etc. go a long way in that next sale of a good or service or solving an issue and making it right. Relationships matter!

Leveraging customer relationship management tools (CRMs) and living in the system are great ways to integrate experiences into the day-to-day interactions. Capturing these preferences and patterns of communications, coupled with matching the proper channel of communication with context may be the difference between losing a customer or increasing the wallet share.

Meet your customers where they are

Customer preferences are unique to the individual, but the key segmentations in mobile messaging can be summated with the following:

  • Age – Just like music preferences and clothing choices, age is a large factor in mobile communication. Older generations may prefer making or receiving a call, while a younger generation would much prefer the asynchronous nature of SMS or a social channel with a chatbot.
  • Location – Geography plays a large role in communication patterns for various populations. For example, common trends show the United States as SMS dominate, while China predominantly leverages WeChat.
  • Desired Outcome – Within age groups and location, customers may want to leverage a combination of channels or a different channel for each conversation. An example of this could be that when a customer wants a one-time code to login to a platform, they expect an SMS but for customer support, WhatsApp may feel more natural.

Regardless of the common preferences or localized channel support, one thing is clear: availability drives conversion. It is not enough to focus on one but rather several as comprehensive messaging strategies.

For more information on Syniverse CPaaS Concierge click here.

Nate McRoberts is a Solutions Engineer at Syniverse’s headquarters office in Tampa, Florida.



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