A Bold Step Forward for Our Customers

As the world’s most connected company, Syniverse has a diverse and dedicated customer base. Our teams at every level within the organization have established collaborative partnerships through each stage of the customer relationship, ultimately working to deliver rapid response and solutions to the individual needs of our users. In building these relationships, we realized that there is an opportunity to create a world-class experience for our mobile operator and enterprise customers not just in terms of the services that are being offered, but also in how those services are accessed and interacted with.  

Our Syniverse customer portals have long stood out as an area ripe for transformation. After spending countless hours talking with, surveying, and interviewing a broad range of customers and individual users, we began to identify the need for improvements in a few key areas:  

  1. Improve the general usability of our portals and applications. 
  2. Centralize customer touchpoints. 
  3. Increase service and solutions awareness for our users across the broader Syniverse ecosystem. 

Our teams have been relentlessly focused on understanding and breaking down the customer journey through our portals and applications. Simply put, our goal is to create a significantly improved customer experience. Syniverse portals, applications and software should be easy to access and navigate, have consistent methods for executing tasks and serve as an irreplaceable resource for data and insights that can rapidly scale alongside our partners.  

We are extremely excited to share that we will be launching a complete overhaul to the Syniverse portal and application experience toward the end of 2021. This will be the first release in a multi-phase portal transformation effort that will be rolling out to our customers through a series of scheduled releases over the next 18 months. 

Phase 1 – Foundations 

Our first phase is focused on resetting the foundational platform for our portals and applications.

This includes:  

  1. Delivering improvements to our user interface (UI) frameworks through the deployment of an enhanced enterprise Syniverse Design System.   
  2. Creating a global portal environment to orient our users under a consistent and scalable application framework experience. 
  3. Improving the methods for engaging with Syniverse services and brand. 

Phase 2 – Migrations 

Our goal is to ultimately provide our customers with a common and centralized point of access to their applications and services.

In order to realize this objective, we are establishing a migration plan for customers that are currently leveraging the MySyniverse and Crossroads portals which will consolidate all applications and services under the new and improved Symphony portal. This will be communicated to customers well in advance to allow ample time for learning, awareness, and onboarding. Our number one goal is to ensure that these transitions do not cause thrash for our customers in their day-to-day activities and responsibilities. 

Phase 3 – Decommissioning 

In order for Syniverse to ensure that a consistent, stable, and modern experience is being presented to our customers, it is critical that we narrow the scope of our platforms and touchpoints.

As we close out our efforts on migrating existing applications out from under some of our legacy portals, we’ll begin to decommission those so that we can break down the swivel chair experience and amplify the focus of our development efforts on a series of core strategic customer touchpoints within a single portal. All this to ensure we are well positioned to execute on our promise of a delivering a world-class experience within a constantly changing landscape.  Stay tuned for more updates from me as we close in on our first release. As a company that has always prided itself on delivering outstanding customer service, we’re incredibly excited to be working toward delivering this enhanced experience for each and every one of our users. 

Megan Koleff leads Syniverse’s design team and specializes in customer-focused user experiences. Prior to that, Megan worked at Genuine Parts Company where she led user experience design across the business covering B2B and B2C use cases. She has been in the UX industry for over 10 years.



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