Video Panel, Part 3: How 5G Compares to 4G

Next in the series of segments from our recent 5G video panel: a look at some of the most important technical differences between 5G and 4G.

Among the biggest questions with 5G are, what exactly will be different from 4G, and how will mobile operators and other businesses make use of these? At Mobile World Congress, we were privileged to bring together two industry authorities in this area to get their viewpoints: Howard Benn, Ph.D., Head of Standards and Industrial Affairs at Samsung Electronics Research Institute, and David Hutton, Head of Networks for the GSMA. They share a useful breakdown of 5G’s crucial features, and I invite you to listen to their insights below.

At Syniverse, one theme we continue to see with our customers is that with today’s rapid digital transformation, a business is only as strong as its connections. 5G will mark a new chapter in this transformation, and Syniverse will be right in the center of it, helping our customers expand and strengthen their connections in a number of new ways.



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