CSR Snapshot: Bangalore Office Runs for Charity

CSR Snapshot features some of the most recent corporate social responsibility activities that Syniverse has participated in to help make a positive impact on the communities where we live and work.

What was the activity?
On May 19, 80 employees from the Syniverse Bangalore office formed a team to run in a charity race called the TCS World 10K Bengaluru. Each team selects a charity to support and can raise funds to race for that organization. We joined over 24,000 other runners from different organizations and ran in a 10K race and 6K race through the streets of Bangalore’s central business district.

Members of our team celebrate victory after the race.

What organization did the activity support?
We supported Parikrma Humanity Foundation, a charity that provides education and social services for children from economically disadvantaged communities in Bangalore. The organization operates four schools with grade levels from kindergarten to 10th grade, and one junior college, with grade levels from 11th to 12th grade. The schools support over 1,800 children from almost 100 poor communities and four orphanages across Bangalore. Parikrma also provides education and services to provide basic hygiene training, alcohol addiction treatment, medical testing, financial planning, and family counseling. The charity was selected by our Employee Association, a group responsible for leading charitable and extracurricular activities in communities where Syniverse offices are located. Each year, many Syniverse Employee Associations around the world identify charitable organizations in their local areas, and then get the input of the office’s employees to select a few charities that the office would like to support.

What did the Syniverse team do?
Our team of 80 employees completed two races through the streets of Bangalore, with 45 running in a 10K race and 35 running in a 6K race. Some of our runners had the option to have a part of their registration fee, which was paid by Syniverse, donated to our charity of choice, and, in this way, we helped provide funds for Parikrma. We also wore T-shirts with the Parikrma and Syniverse logos to help raise awareness for Parikrma’s mission. In addition, our office also supports a few of Parikrma’s training sessions throughout the year, which is something we’ve been doing for a few years.

Go, Team Syniverse!

What was the most rewarding part of this activity for you?
It was rewarding to see our highest level of employee interest in a charity race yet and to achieve such a high number of registrations for this year’s run. Although some of us aren’t regular runners and we faced a long course on a hot day, we all supported each other, enjoyed the challenge, and had a memorable team-building experience. But the most rewarding part of this run was being reminded that participating in in-person volunteering events can be so much more powerful and gratifying than just making a monetary donation. Our support will help provide critical support for economically disadvantaged children who otherwise may not have the financial resources or home support to attend school and have basic health services. Our event was a day of hard work and accomplishment for us all, and we look forward to building on this with more runs for charity in the future.

Holding some of the medals we received for finishing the race.

Kiran Harindranath is a Senior Customer Service Specialist and works in Syniverse’s office in Bangalore, India.



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