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Revenue Management

Financial Clearing House for GSM

Syniverse Clearing and Settlement Services are designed to help mobile operators manage their roaming operations from end to end, from data collection to clearing to cash settlement. Clearing and Settlement Services deliver operational excellence in compliance, data privacy, financial optimization, and connection to the international roaming community, for just a marginal cost of revenue production. It’s the first choice for the world’s mobile community and is used by more than 700 operators in 200 countries, from the largest group in the world to the newest set of emerging players.

Diagram: Clearing and Settlement Services

For more than 25 years, Syniverse has been simplifying complexity to deliver the promise of mobility to the world’s operator community. A critical part of our history has involved the evolution of our revenue management capabilities. These solutions provide our 1,500-plus customers with a service suite that continually adapts to serve your key requirements for safeguarding the subscriber experience, expanding revenue, and containing costs. The suite consists of a robust set of cloud-based applications designed to automate and optimize all workflows required to manage roaming and interconnect operations.

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Interconnect Services
Partner Interactions

The industry’s move toward converged networks has caused the volume of phone numbers to explode, making number management a far more complex process. Whether new or established, fixed-line or mobile, all numbers require interconnect services. Syniverse, as one of the leading GSM clearing houses in the world, stands ready to be your one-stop interconnect partner, with an extensive global network of relationships with operators.

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Diagram: Financial Clearing Service Flow

Illustration of process flow for Financial Clearing between two roaming partners.

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