New Consumer Report Highlights Top Mobile Marketing Preferences

Do most consumers prefer to chat with their favorite brands by mobile? How important are mobile loyalty programs in influencing brand perceptions? And how many brands do consumers typically allow to send them mobile alerts?

The answers to these kinds of questions are vital to today’s marketers, and they’re shifting constantly. Mobile has become so integral as our primary point of interaction with the world that understanding how we like to communicate with our favorite shops, restaurants, banks, etc., by mobile has become mission-critical for brands.

This is why mobile marketing specialist Vibes, a strategic partner of Syniverse, compiles an annual report on the latest consumer perceptions and preferences related to what consumers want from brands on mobile. Vibes just released its 2017 Mobile Consumer Report, and some of the highlights offer compelling insights on the questions above:

  • Most consumers are comfortable using a chat tool to communicate with brands, but not many consumers have done so yet.
  • A majority of consumers have a more favorable impression of brands that provide the ability to save loyalty program rewards on their phone.
  • On average, consumers are comfortable subscribing to just four brand mobile alerts.

Insights and results like these highlight why enterprises can no longer rely on their standard mobile app for customer acquisition, retention, loyalty and engagement, and need to include other avenues that Syniverse can provide.

I encourage you to find out more insights by downloading the full report, and I encourage you to learn how Syniverse can help brands leverage these insights. We work with over 500 brands to enable them to acquire, engage and retain customers throughout their journey. Our cross-channel mobile marketing and messaging solutions create personalized interactions that help brands generate revenue and improve marketing return on investment.

We look forward to leveraging these services with insight like the Mobile Consumer Report and building on our partnership with Vibes.

Dave Ratner is a former Chief Product Officer at Syniverse.



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