Maximize Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) – Harness the Power of Branded URL Shorteners!

Have you ever received a text message from a company with a link to their website or a promotion, but you were hesitant to click on it because you weren’t sure if it was genuine? You’re not alone! This is a common problem that businesses face when using SMS marketing. However, there is a solution that can help you increase CTRs and conversions through marketing short links for SMS. 

SMS Marketing & Branded URL Shorteners 

At Syniverse, we have been serving businesses in various industries for over three decades, with our Customer Engagement Platform and Communications Suite, and have helped them overcome this challenge. We offer a branded URL shortener that enables businesses to create their own custom links using their company name. This can help increase the trust of customers and subscribers, resulting in a higher CTR and conversion for businesses. 

The use of SMS marketing has become popular among various industries, including retail, hospitality, fintech, and real estate. However, businesses must decide which methods are optimal for their customers and worth investing in, keeping in mind country regulations for using non-SMS channels. In many countries, the regulators for fintech, for example, still require 2FA and transaction information on SMS, making it challenging for businesses to use any other channels for communication. 

Therefore, using a branded URL shortener in text messages can be a game-changer for businesses. By using a branded link, customers are more likely to click on it because they trust the source. A best practice for a branded URL shortener is to create a link that cleverly spells out the brand name. Ultimately, by putting the target customer at ease, branded URL short links for SMS increase CTRs. 

How It Helps 

The best way to understand the benefits of branded URL shorteners is to examine some real-world use cases. So, here are some examples of how our branded URL shortener has helped businesses in different industries: 

Tertiary Services – A top courier company was struggling to get customers to click on the link to schedule delivery of their package. They tried delivering packages without customer confirmation, which led to more returns and higher costs. By using Syniverse’s branded URL shortener, the courier company saw a better CTR and was able to schedule and send packages based on customer availability, resulting in a better customer experience and lower costs. 

Retail – A leading e-retailer was sending seasonal promotional offers via SMS with a non-branded URL shortener, resulting in low CTRs and ROI. By using Syniverse’s branded URL shortener, the e-retailer saw a higher conversion rate to sales with a high CTR. Customers were more likely to click on the link because they recognized the brand name. 

Fintech – A top bank was struggling to get more customers for their personal and home loans despite offering lower interest rates. The bank used personalized segmented SMS text messages with a non-branded URL, but the low CTR meant they weren’t getting the desired results. By using Syniverse’s branded URL shortener, the bank saw an increase in click-through rates, resulting in more clients taking advantage of loans with better interest rates and more referrals. 

Syniverse Provides Branded URLs and a Comprehensive Customer Engagement Platform and Communications Suite 

As can be demonstrated, branded short links for SMS can be a simple yet effective solution to increase the CTR and conversion for businesses using mobile marketing. By creating a custom link that incorporates brand names, businesses can establish trust with their customers and increase the chances of them clicking on the link.  

At Syniverse, we have a team of experts working with various industries to help guide businesses and meet their marketing needs via SMS messaging. Furthermore, our Customer Engagement Platform and Communications Suite provides a powerful way for businesses to consolidate their omnichannel approach into a single, seamless platform that will help your customer facing staff have a full overview and access to all your comms channels and customer information, quickly and conveniently.  

Why not discuss your requirements with one of our experts today, and give a boost to your CTRs and conversions with Syniverse’s trusted branded URL shortener and other customer engagement and communications solutions! 

With more than 23 years of telecom experience, in his role as Solution Engineering Lead at Syniverse, Rajesh offers vast knowledge on both the operator and enterprise side of the business to customers across the world. With a deep understanding of different market scenarios and customer behaviors, as well as country regulations for communications, Rajesh is pleased to share his knowledge and develop new ideas as a trusted resource for use cases that help enterprises target customers at the right time and right place using the right communication channels.



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