Syniverse Hosts ‘Monetizing for 5G’ Webinar on Aug. 28

After many years of development, it’s finally here. The first commercial rollouts of 5G have begun this year, and 5G networks have now been launched by at least 25 mobile operators in 14 markets around the world, according to the GSMA.

Syniverse has been right in the middle of helping both mobile operators and businesses prepare for this next phase with 5G, and on Aug. 28 we’ll be taking our latest step with this when I and my colleague Pradeep Bhardwaj host a webinar titled “Monetizing for 5G: New frontiers for mobile.”  

I hope you can join us. We’ll be focusing on the results of a major 5G study we published earlier this year. To prepare for the seismic shift that 5G is bringing to the mobile landscape, we conducted research to assess one of the big unknowns with 5G: How will mobile operators actually begin to make use of 5G to provide new services for companies, and how important a part will these services play in operators’ business models? The findings from our study along with other recent customer work have led us to define several crucial implications that operators and companies should know as they prepare to move forward with 5G.

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In my role as head of the Syniverse Innovation Lab, I’ve been increasingly involved in working with customers and business partners on 5G solutions this year, and I’m looking forward to sharing our highlights. 5G will bring higher speeds, lower lag times, and much larger data transfer capacity, but it will also bring much more. 5G’s capabilities will power a new era of mobile that will enable things like self-driving cars and millions of new wireless devices, like wearable items and industrial product sensors, that will all be connected to the next generation of mobile networks. These are exactly the kinds of technologies we’ve been working on in the Lab, and I can’t wait to share our stories at the webinar.

And speaking of the Lab, we have a big announcement coming soon. This summer, we’ve been hard at work finishing the construction of a permanent, state-of-the-art facility, and I think you’ll be impressed with the results, which we’ll be unveiling soon. Stay tuned for more about that right here on the Syniverse Blog and our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook channels.

Me with some of the blueprints for the new Lab that we’ve been building this summer.

As mobile traffic continues to explode and new technologies like the internet of things drive massive numbers of devices online, 5G will play an essential role in our future, where all facets of the world will be integrated with and powered by mobile. Syniverse is poised to play a central role in this exciting future, and I urge you to register for the webinar on Aug. 28 to learn more.

This event has ended, but you can request a playback of the webinar here.



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