How Businesses Should Prepare for New Security Risks of 5G

After many years of development, the first commercial rollouts of 5G, or “fifth generation” of wireless networks, are beginning this year. This new network promises to empower a new era of mobile communications and ubiquitous connectivity that will enable things like self-driving cars and millions of new wireless devices to be connected to the next generation of cellular networks.

But along with this new era of opportunity comes a new age of risk. 5G’s advanced technology and innovative use cases are opening a host of new vulnerabilities and malicious possibilities that security experts are now intensely focused on identifying and preparing for.

Syniverse has been right in the thick of helping companies with navigating the promises and challenges of this next technology horizon, and a few weeks ago I had an opportunity to share our latest insights at the GSMA Mobile 360 – Security for 5G conference in The Hague, Netherlands. The event brought together over 250 senior telecommunications leaders from 28 countries to examine the security challenges of 5G and analyze the latest security initiatives in place to protect the networks of tomorrow.

The highlight for Syniverse was our participation in a “Security for 5G” predictions panel in which I joined several distinguished mobile and cybersecurity experts to discuss the most important challenges that 5G will bring this year and what steps businesses should take to prepare for them now. As part of this event, ahead of the panel, I had the chance to record answers to four related questions that I think are crucial for today’s companies to consider in their plans for 5G. I encourage you to take a look at them.

Me (second from left), speaking at the Security for 5G” predictions panel at the GSMA Mobile 360 — Security for 5G conference in the Netherlands in May.

5G will soon play an essential role in our future, where many facets of the world in which we live, work, and play will be integrated with and powered by mobile. Syniverse is looking forward to playing a central role in helping businesses get ready for this fast-moving future, while doing so securely.



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