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LTE Let's Talk EvolutionTM to 5G

A new digital era has dawned.

5G technology has emerged to deliver the high data speeds and capacity with ubiquitous availability that are vital to building a new world of the internet of things, the smart city, and other innovations.

Syniverse has seen the types of complexity that 5G brings. We’ve been helping companies solve these kinds of challenges for over 30 years. And, today, we’ve positioned our self at the forefront of 5G to help businesses evolve to the complex 5G world by boldly and relentlessly committing our expertise for their connections, communications, and transactions.

We believe supporting our customers in their drive to deliver high-quality customer experiences, maximize their own operational efficiency, increase their agility all while ensuring their businesses and systems remain secure is imperative to what we do.

In 5G Syniverse will:

  • help businesses securely connect with their customers, employees and partners in the new world of emerging 5G ecosystems,
  • ensure reliable and fast communications by bridging technology types and generations, and
  • reliably process trillions of transactions to help businesses monetize their 5G services.

In the world of digital transformation businesses are ramping up to deliver the services that demand the capabilities of 5G. Syniverse will be there to help them make a smoother transition by contributing our expertise to their connections, communications, and transactions.


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New Syniverse Guide Explains Basics of 5G
New Syniverse Guide Explains Basics of 5G

Syniverse answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the rapidly emerging technology of 5G.

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Understanding 5G and New Mobile Revenue Opportunities for 2018

Two major themes are emerging with mobile customers for 2018, explains John McRae.

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GSMA RCS Messaging Initiative Takes off as Multiple Global Operators Interconnect Networks

Mobile operators have interconnected their networks across the Americas and Europe, enabling advanced Rich Communications Services (RCS) across 22 networks in 17 countries.

Syniverse Study Shows Asia Pacific LTE Data Roaming Lags Behind Other Regions

LTE from Asia Pacific makes up just six percent of all data roaming traffic globally, according to a study released today by Syniverse that analyzed inter- and intra-regional traffic across over 1,000 mobile operators in six key geographic regions.

Syniverse and LG Uplus Win GTB Innovation Award for World’s First VoLTE Roaming Launch

Syniverse and South Korea’s LG Uplus have been recognized with a Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Innovation Award for launching the world’s first VoLTE roaming service. Awarded in the category for mobile infrastructure, the launch was recognized for its significance in setting the foundation for VoLTE to proliferate globally.