Data Clearing House for GSM

Clearing and Settlement is about Revenue Assurance

This centralized clearing house has all the capabilities you need to:

  • Improve decision making with prompt financial, marketing and statistical reporting
  • Protect revenues by minimizing the in-house resources required for accounting functions
  • Assure the integrity of your data with advanced data checking and fraud protection
  • Provide customer support thanks to a dedicated and knowledgeable Syniverse representative

Fraud Management and All Your Other Clearing Needs

Our GSM clearing house includes an array of functions, including:

  • Optional rating and rerating accommodate bilateral or multilateral agreements, operator-defined rating parameters and/or interoperator tariffs (IOT). All of these can be stored, managed and integrated into our validation and rating processes.
  • Fraud/high-usage management identifies and combats potentially fraudulent behavior early in the clearing life cycle.
  • Web-based reporting provides you easy, secure access to a suite of standard or customized financial, file history and usage reports with multiple download options.
  • Personalized support from an experienced GSM expert.
  • Revenue assurance and financial analysis focus on billing accuracy and issue resolution to prevent revenue leakage and avoid revenue recovery delays.
  • TAPir enables easy data browsing and TAP/RAP file navigation, including the ability to search, display and edit call event details, and view and modify large TAP files.
  • Optional pegged rate checks allow you to choose up to five email-alert recipients when exchange rates fluctuate by more than 5 percent.

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