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Reach your users when it counts the most

The mobile messaging market has evolved considerably over the past several years, but it still maintains a prominent role in many mobile operators’ service offerings. As a result, the need to offer complete solutions that offer the highest levels of interoperability, reach, security, and delivery success is a necessity companies, mobile operators, Internet service providers, and fixed-line operators looking to maintain high-quality mobile messaging services.

Syniverse was named as an established leader in the ‘2017 Mobile Messaging report’ by Juniper Research for IP messaging, operator messaging and enterprise mobile messaging services.

Deliver mobile messages on a global scale

Syniverse’s messaging services offers a comprehensive set of solutions that enables companies, mobile networks operators, Internet service providers, and fixed-line operators to efficiently deliver mobile messages. The services enable delivery to almost 200 countries while unraveling the many business and technical complexities associated with globally managing and delivering mobile SMS, MMS, A2P and video communications. With these capabilities, Syniverse messaging services offer the following benefits:

  • Provide subscribers with a seamless messaging experience through message delivery, interoperability and fraud detection
  • Securely transmit mobile messages to customers and employees in a secure, reliable manner
  • Deliver message routing, interoperability, translations and management for ubiquitous messaging services among IP-based providers and mobile operators.


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