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Syniverse launches 5G signaling service to support mass connectivity
Syniverse launches 5G signaling service to support mass connectivity search
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February 20, 2019

Syniverse launches 5G signaling service to support mass connectivity

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TAMPA, Fla. – Feb. 20, 2019 – Syniverse is advancing the 5G digital transformation with the launch of a 5G signaling service proof of concept that supports cross-network connectivity for the next billion things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) applications, and virtual reality (VR) possibilities.

“While 5G has proven to be technically possible, the industry still needs an underlying connectivity model to support functionally on a mass scale so that it can work across various networks and play nicely with the various flavors of G connectivity – 4G and 3G,” said John Wick, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Service Provider Group, Syniverse. “Our 5G signaling service launch provides the world’s first solution to support the underlying model for connectivity testing, roaming trials, and interoperability that can support commercial models to make 5G a reality. The launch builds on Syniverse’s 30-year-plus history in bridging billions of transactions among service providers, networks and devices.”

5G will bring higher speed, lower lag time, and larger data transfer capacity that will be crucial for a whole new era of connected things, like self-driving cars and billions of new industrial wireless devices that can’t afford any mishaps in connectivity quality and speed. The migration to this new generation of network involves a sea change in the way that networks and providers interact with each other and requires a number of new technologies, processes, and partnerships.

Syniverse’s 5G signaling service will provide a crucial role in this migration by replacing the signaling used for 4G and 3G roaming. The service acts like a traffic cop for routing and controlling 5G signaling messages between a 5G network and its partners, and directs messages to the right place, improves performance, and increases cost-efficiency of the 5G signaling exchange between partners.

A number of benefits will be provided to mobile operators, and, by extension, to brands, when they roam in 5G using Syniverse’s 5G signaling service. These include simplified 5G connectivity, with routing coordinated through a central hub instead of multiple individual connections, and efficient network traffic management and robust and resilient traffic paths. Another benefit is that the service provides high security through stringent signaling validation that prevents hackers, unauthorized partners, and other third parties from connecting to a network, and the service is fully compliant with the new specifications for 5G security defined by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP). In addition, the service offers real-time intelligence on subscriber experiences that operators can use to immediately correct or improve service delivery.

“Syniverse links companies to billions of devices, forging more human connections than anyone on Earth,” said Wick. “We’re taking this a step further with our 5G signaling service since it’s the vital link for transforming the future of machines that need 5G connectivity. The solution is designed and developed completely in-house by Syniverse and is one that does not rely on third-party players or technologies. For this reason, by partnering with Syniverse in the 5G testing phase now, companies can gain the benefit of having a service customized for their precise needs as they prepare to roll out 5G services commercially.”

Syniverse’s IPX Network, the backbone for LTE, will continue to enable connections needed for 5G environments. Additionally, Syniverse’s entire 5G environment will be underpinned by Syniverse Secure Global Access, a private global network that protects data from the risk of cyberattacks arising from IoT devices being connected to the internet.

Syniverse is currently partnering with customers and other players to develop its 5G signaling service into a complete, market-ready version that is being planned for release later this year. To register to be a part of the pilot program, companies should talk to Syniverse at MWC Barcelona this month, at Stand 2G11 in Hall 2, where Syniverse will also be hosting a series of educational sessions on the IoT, blockchain, Rich Communication Services (RCS), and other new technologies.

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