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At Syniverse, we make mobile work for you. We partner with over 500 enterprises, including leading retail, finance, and travel companies, so they can effectively acquire, engage and retain customers throughout their journeys. Our secure, intelligent messaging platform provides unrivaled global reach to more than 7 billion mobile devices, and empowers our customers to grow revenue, increase loyalty program participation, enhance customer engagement and improve ROI through omni-channel mobile marketing and messaging solutions. We’ve been a mobile pioneer for 30 years, and we serve our customers from our unique position at the center of the mobile ecosystem.

By selecting Syniverse as your partner, you can rely on the industry’s leading global cloud-based provider of mobile connectivity and communications services to futureproof your mobile strategy and effectively implement solutions that drive business results, like these:

  • Gain valuable intelligence on the accuracy of your mobile number database.
  • Manage customer consent to ensure you're only engaging with customers who have agreed to be communicated with via mobile.
  • Verify the authenticity of your end-users using our multi-factor authentication solution to create and deliver a one-time password or customized token.
  • Reach customers how they prefer to be reached through any channel - whether it's via text or multimedia messaging, push notifications, mobile wallet marketing, Facebook Messenger or WeChat.

Mobile Wallet: The Untapped Mobile Marketing Channel

Mobile Wallet is much more than an app that holds financial information; it is a powerful targeted communication platform that offers personalized promotion and loyalty programs for your customers. It is a must-have for any brand’s omni-channel marketing strategy.

We have created a guide to help brands understand why mobile wallet should be a major component of their mobile marketing strategy.

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Mobile Momentum

"Syniverse's extensive global reach coupled with its comprehensive Mobile Engagement solution made the company our first choice as a mobile solutions provider."

Steve O’Meara, CEO,

Your App Is Not Enough

e-Book: Your App is Not Enough

You have to put your money where your customers are. And it’s not with your app. In order to effectively engage all of your customers with relevant content during their path-to-purchase, it’s crucial that you reach beyond your app and weave multiple mobile channels into your customer’s journey.

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Mapping the Mobile-First Customer Journey
2016 Mobile Engagement Trends

In a study, 53% of digital business professionals stated that increasing customer engagement was one of their top mobile consumer strategies.

Source: Forrester

Quality of Service

Maintaining a superior average platform uptime of ~99.999% which is virtually unmatched within the industry.

Global Reach

Reach nearly every mobile customer on 7+ billion mobile devices backed by over 50 data centers and points of presence globally.

Customers Served

Enabling seamless mobile communications for nearly 500 brands in nearly 200 countries worldwide.

Mobile Experts

Processing around 3 billion mobile transactions daily for the worlds largest brands and mobile operators.