Employee Spotlight: Kimberly Stringer

Synergy’s Employee Spotlight series profiles some of the best and brightest of Syniverse who make mobile work for our customers around the world.

stringerWhat’s your title and role at Syniverse?
Lead Customer Success Manager, responsible for onboarding, account health and continued growth for our Enterprise Solutions Group customers. I work at our headquarters in Tampa, Florida.

How long have you been at Syniverse?
I just reached my seven-year mark in April. I started as an Implementation Manager, which then evolved into a Solutions Engineer role. Then, a couple of years ago, as the industry shifted, so did my role. That’s when I joined the Professional Services team as a Mobile Engagement Strategy Manager, which eventually led to my current role of Customer Success Manager.

What are you working on this month?
My primary focus has been working with Vibes, a mobile marketing specialist and Syniverse strategic partner, and our customers to integrate their mobile marketing efforts on the Vibes Catapult platform. This includes working closely with individual brands and their marketing teams to develop a multi-channel strategy, and integrating such channels as mobile wallet, text messaging, and push notifications so these brands can reach their customers at the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

What’s one of the most valuable lessons you’ve gained during your career in mobile?
I’ve learned so much in my career. Above all, enjoy what you do, and you will be successful. Whatever the mission, own it. Make it yours and take pride in your work. Specific to what I’ve learned in mobile is that it touches every aspect of life. You can take your career in any direction of interest because whether it’s banking, retail, hospitality, travel, or another industry, mobile is a critical part of business. You’d also better not be afraid of change! This industry is evolving all the time, and those who fight it will get left behind.

What’s been one of your best moments at Syniverse?
Being named to the President’s Club in 2013 for my mobile engagement work with one of our major enterprise customers was a great moment. However, I have to say I’m most proud of becoming an industry expert and becoming proficient in our mobile engagement services. “Mobile engagement” was a new concept in the industry and a new area for Syniverse several years ago. With support from strong leadership, collaboration with peers, and a lot of hard work, I’ve become a subject-matter expert in mobile engagement, and Syniverse has built itself into a leader in the space.

What’s one of the best things about working at Syniverse?
The people! I’ve made some dear friends and learned from mentors and peers alike. In particular, my Customer Success teammates are amazing! I can truly count on each and every one of them. We work hard to get the job done right, but we also know how to have fun.

Tell us about your mobile lifestyle. What kind of mobile phone do you use?
Everything is mobile in my world, but I’m not really a “gadget” person. I use an iPhone 6S.

What’s your favorite app or tool on your phone?
I do everything on my mobile phone from banking, shopping, social media, work, travel, you name it, but my favorite app is the Dunkin’ Donuts app. I love my sugar-free vanilla latte in the mornings, and with the app, I can order ahead and pick it up when I get to the store. Plus, it tracks loyalty points, so I get a free drink every 10 days or so!

In the last year, what’s the longest you’ve gone without using your phone?
Honestly, the only time I haven’t used my phone in the past year is for a few hours when I travel. On flights, I have to turn it off for takeoff and landing.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I’m a true Florida girl! I love the salt water and sunshine and all the activities that go with that – surfing, boating, diving – but I also enjoy bass fishing on my lake on the weekends. And I love spending time with family, and traveling with my daughter and watching my son play baseball. I’m a runner, too, and would consider myself a lifetime member of the “healthy lifestyle” club.

A typical Sunday morning on Lake Padgett, in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.

A typical Sunday morning on Lake Padgett, in Land O’ Lakes, Florida.


Visiting Buckingham Palace while on a mother-daughter trip to London in 2016.

Kimberly Stringer is a former Lead Customer Success Manager at Syniverse.




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