Employee Spotlight: Jeff Allyn

Synergy’s Employee Spotlight series profiles some of the best and brightest of Syniverse who make mobile work for our customers around the world.

employee spotlightWhat’s your title and role at Syniverse?
I’m Sales Executive Director, and I’m based in Los Angeles.

How long have you been at Syniverse?
I joined Syniverse last year, but I actually first worked with Syniverse about 20 years ago, when I did business with its predecessor, TSI, as a billing representative from Bell Atlantic Mobile. I’ve always felt as if I should work here!

What are you working on this month?
My focus every month is on bringing in new customers that have not worked with Syniverse. This month, some of my key targets include some large big-box and online retailers. Syniverse has an amazingly diverse mobile solutions portfolio, and I work to show prospective customers across a range of different industries how we can enhance their customer journey at nearly every touch point.

What’s one of the most valuable lessons you’ve gained during your career in mobile?
The most valuable insight that I’ve gained in my 21-year-plus mobile career is that what is happening today will be different tomorrow. Mobile changes at lightning-fast speed, and that is why I love it so much. I have a passion for learning and for helping companies learn how they can use mobile to create improved customer experiences.

What’s been one of your best moments at Syniverse?
My best moment so far has been getting a large financial services customer to sign a multi-year renewal for the first time in 10 years.

What’s one of the best things about working at Syniverse?
One of the best things about working at Syniverse, and one of the reasons why I joined this amazing team, is our comprehensive mobile solutions portfolio, which enables enterprises and operators of all types to reach, protect, and engage their mobile users, regardless of device, network, or location.

Tell us about your mobile lifestyle. What kind of mobile phone do you use?
I was an iPhone user for about seven years, but I recently switched to an Android phone and have really enjoyed the change. I now use a Samsung S7 Edge.

What’s your favorite app or tool on your phone?
I am a sales guy at heart, so I have to say my favorite app is Salesforce. But my second favorite is Instagram – nothing like a few beautiful pictures to energize the rest of the day!

In the last year, what’s the longest you’ve gone without using your phone?
Well, I typically sleep seven hours a night, so I guess that’s about the longest.

What do you like to do outside of work?
I love spending time with my family and working around our house. We are just finishing a one-year renovation on a 98-year-old house that has been such an amazing experience. We are excited to relax and enjoy this house for many years to come.


My dogs, Tyler and Otis, in a tug of war in the kitchen of my house that I’m renovating.

My dogs, Tyler and Otis, in a tug of war in the kitchen of my house that I’m renovating.


At the front of my house with my two helpers.

At the front of my house with my two helpers.

Jeff Allyn is a former Executive Director of Sales at Syniverse.




  1. Sunil Jha

    Thanks for sharing your story Jeff. It is great to hear such happy stories from fellow colleagues, it reconfirms my experience working at Syniverse. I am fairly new here at Syniverse and enjoying the journey!!
    Enjoy your newly renovated home with your family and your time at Syniverse.

    • Jeff Allyn

      Thank you Sunil – so great to hear you are enjoying the journey – I know I am!

  2. kimberly stringer

    Great write up! It’s always a pleasure working with you, Jeff. Your experience and insights are of great value to Syniverse. Looking forward to working together more. Hope y’all get to enjoy that house soon…can’t wait see pictures!

    • Jeff Allyn

      Thanks Kim – appreciate your kind words!


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