Why a Mobile First Approach Matters

Mobile Security and a Mobile First Approach

With 75% of users being more comfortable using a digital wallet, and 84% of the world’s population, 6.92 billion people, owning a smartphone, your frictionless authentication and customer experience should always take a mobile first approach. 

Your approach to frictionless authentication should be a mobile first one. To do this, you need a competent identity and authentication module, and preferably one that will easily fit into your overall communications and customer service strategy and channels. Syniverse Identity and Authentication is an excellent option. 

A good mobile-first approach to security can help you to be proactive and immediately spot suspicious activity, prevent account takeovers, and even stop fraud before it can occur. This will help to keep your customers safe, which will increase trust in your business, while also making your CX seamless and increase brand loyalty. This is huge, as 93% of customers are likely to make repeated purchases from companies with excellent customer service.  More  importantly, 78% of consumers are willing to do business with a brand again, if that brand’s customer service and experience is top-notch, even if the brand has made a mistake. 

Syniverse Mobile Security is also built to exceed regulatory requirements, helping to maintain compliant integrity of your customer databases, ensuring data always remains up-to-date and valid. Plus, intuitive opt-in and opt-out mobile identity management tools can help ensure that you only communicate with customers who have authorized you to do so. 

Why Frictionless Authentication Should Be Part of a Larger Omnichannel Approach

Customer service, identity and security are all key for your communications strategy and can be brought together through an omnichannel approach, to create amazing customer experiences. Imagine your customer having instant access to support, while also having your system seamlessly verify them so that automated assistance can be provided, as well as real human intervention when required. And, how about being able to automate all of your communications with your customers with piece of mind that security is consistently ensured across all channels? 

Well, that’s what you can accomplish with Syniverse’s mobile identity and customer engagement solutions. They can be customized to your business need to provide your customer support functions and your business with the same benefits that your customers enjoy through an omnichannel approach – a single, seamless and consistent platform. It addresses cost and investment concerns by being economical, scalable, and quickly implemented.

Using Syniverse to Create Truly Frictionless Authentication

Syniverse’s Mobile Identity and Authentication solutions operate in harmony to deliver a smooth user experience, bolstered by numerous features that mitigate the risk of fraud and unauthorized access, all while avoiding any unnecessary friction.

These include protocols for:

Phone Number Verification – which ensures each customers’ phone number in the database is accurate and up-to-date. This can then be used to quickly and seamlessly identify if a user is using their registered number. 

Account Takeover Detection – which provides protection from SIM jacking, where hackers takeover your SIM card fraudulently, thus intercepting your 1-time passcodes etc… used for 2-factor-authentication. This feature can also help to quickly verify and provide access for users in a way they will perceive to be seamless, while mitigating risks. 

Right Party Verification – which is a set of protocols used to automatically assess and protect against the risk of impersonation and fraud. 

As well as new low friction authentication services & intelligence services.

Mobile First Security: How Syniverse Can Help You Manage Authentication and Communications Seamlessly

Syniverse’s Mobile Identity and Authentication features further integrate and interlock with its other Customer Engagement Platform solutions such as CPaaS (Communications Platform as a Service), which can be used by your customer-facing and communications personnel to better and more effectively provide a seamless, consistent omnichannel experience across all platforms. 

With Syniverse’s unique value proposition, you can simplify and enhance your communications strategy by consolidating multiple channels, such as WhatsApp, SMS, and voice messages, into one secure platform. Supported by the latest industry-standard mobile identity and security features, your teams can then efficiently manage your omnichannel presence with consistency, responsiveness, and personalization, allowing you to build a strong emotional connection with your customers by:

  1. Simplifying your processes and incorporating automated SMS and WhatsApp notifications and assistance, helping customers enjoy a more responsive experience, while freeing up human resources for more important tasks.
  2. Truly building in frictionless authentication and security to further improve your CX in terms of automated phone number verification, protections against hijacking and mitigating risk factors. 
  3. Using human-Sounding Voice Messages to remind customers of important events, such as an upcoming card payment and more. Plus, with Syniverse CPaaS Concierge’s integrated voice messaging AI, your messages will not sound robotic.
  4. Integrating chatbots and AI-driven digital assistants to further reduce the load on your human resources, by allowing computers to deal with most basic and frequent inquiries and requests, requiring human intervention only where necessary.

Syniverse’s solutions have already proven themselves and are already used by financial institutions around the world for their millions of customers. Why not discuss your requirements with one of our experts today and see how Syniverse can transform your authentication and customer engagement experience!



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