Syniverse and Hot Topics Share Top Mobile Marketing Insights from 2017

What mobile channels do consumers like to use? What kind of brand interaction do they want from those channels? And what brand goods do they actually purchase through mobile?

These are but a few of the questions that form one of the most crucial challenges for mobile marketers today – the ability to gain insight into consumers’ preferences and strengthen engagement through precise mobile outreach. And to help provide perspective on the opportunities and complexities involved in this quest, Syniverse has been partnering with the online publication Hot Topics to sponsor a series of interviews with chief marketing officers (CMOs) from the world’s biggest brands.

In 2017, our collaboration resulted in 27 CMO separate video interviews, which included such brands as CarMax, Zurich Insurance, and Aegon, and which garnered 74,000 online views and drove 80,000 social media impressions. The interviews revealed a wealth of firsthand insights on how to better cater to consumers’ mobile needs, and we’ve just compiled the best of these insights into a new highlights video.

Take a look at it below, and let me know how these insights relate to any of your mobile marketing efforts. I’d love to get your thoughts.

Bobby Eagle is a former Senior Director, Global Public Relations, at Syniverse.



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