Syniverse Launches Global Wi-Fi Marketplace

It seems there are few places of business left anymore in developed markets that don’t offer Wi-Fi. Data connectivity has become a must for mobile users at any moment or location, and users continue to look to those of us in the mobile industry to make Wi-Fi more available and easier to connect to.

Syniverse recently had an opportunity to help address this need when we attended Wireless Global Congress London and announced the launch of our Mobile Marketplace service. Mobile Marketplace addresses a longstanding industry challenge related to the wholesale selling and purchasing of Wi-Fi service by providing a centralized, user-friendly platform that enables service providers as well as enterprises to easily buy and sell Wi-Fi.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback and media coverage on this service, and below I would like to share a sample of this in an article by Scott Bicheno of Wi-Fi will play a more and more important source of connectivity in our lives in the next few years, and we’re looking forward to using services like Mobile Marketplace to play a key role in enabling this next chapter of Wi-Fi.

Syniverse Launches Global Wi-Fi Marketplace

By Scott Bicheno

Telecoms transaction processor  Syniverse has launched ‘Mobile Marketplace’, which aims to facilitate the trading of Wi-Fi resource globally.

The opportunity addressed by this launch is the perceived complexity of establishing Wi-Fi roaming agreements. The ‘mobile’ aspect of the product name seems to refer to its positioning as a B2B service for MNOs and currently they largely have to arrange unique deals with each Wi-Fi provider in each geography to be able to offer Wi-Fi roaming to their customers (see diagram).

Mobile Marketplace is positioned as a ‘one stop shop’ for B2B Wi-Fi procurement, with Syniverse  doing all the plumbing and dirty work so the MNO doesn’t have to. There are, of course, already Wi-Fi hotspot aggregators such as Devicescape, so this service could ultimately act as an aggregator, if you will.

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As Senior Product Management Director, Dan Klaeren is responsible for Syniverse’s Wi-Fi, IoT and mobile virtual network enabler (MVNE) services. In this role, he uncovers new opportunities and devises new business and technology solutions for Wi-Fi operators, cable operators, mobile operators, and enterprises. Dan brings over 20 years in developing and managing information technology solutions, which have included senior roles at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Fidelity Information Services and Prudential. Prior to joining Syniverse, in 2012, he led several small businesses that specialized in delivering custom mobile applications, mobile content delivery systems and mobile messaging applications. Dan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in information technology and advanced mobile development certifications from the University of Phoenix, and he is a frequent contributor to the development of Wi-Fi standards for industry groups such as the Wireless Broadband Alliance.



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